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Announcement Corporate March 22, 2024

"Taking the Lead in Realizing Social Value" TYM Holds 2024 Childbirth Incentive Award Ceremony...Providing 100 Million Won for the Third Child and Beyond

  • Greatly Expanding Incentives for Employees Who Give Birth...Tax Benefits Following Government Support Measures
  • Expanding "Tractor Donation for Returning Young Farmers" Program to Include Employees to Promote Agriculture and Social Contribution
  • As a Leading Industry Brand, Will Continue to Fulfill Social Responsibilities and Prepare Various Community Support Measures
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TYM is taking active steps to contribute to solving social issues by improving employee benefits.

TYM announced that it held the 1st "2024 Childbirth Incentive Award Ceremony" on the 21st and provided incentives to 19 employees. Around 30 people, including the beneficiary employees and their families, as well as Hiyong Kim, Chairman & CEO, participated in this meaningful event held at the TYM Iksan Plant showroom.

Starting this month, TYM is expanding its childbirth incentive program to celebrate the births of its employees' children and actively participate in the government's childbirth promotion policies, implementing its management policy of realizing social value. This is the fruit of Chairman Hiyong Kim's efforts to address the low birth rate issue, reflected in his drive to promote childbirth incentives during his tenure as President of the Gangnam District of the Seoul Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2009 to 2012.

The amounts provided are 10 million won for the first child, 30 million won for the second child, and 100 million won for the third child and beyond. In the case of multiple births, the incentives can be combined, so if two children are born, the employee will receive the full amount of 40 million won tax-free. This follows the government's policy to make corporate childbirth incentives fully tax-free to address the low birth rate issue.

Compared to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which provides a maximum of 3 million won for the third child, and major corporations, which generally provide around 10 million won, TYM has implemented a groundbreaking policy with a high level of support.

Additionally, TYM has significantly expanded employee benefits by providing tractors to employees returning to farming. Starting April 1st, TYM plans to introduce an employee category to the "Tractor Donation for Returning Young Farmers" program, which has been implemented annually since 2020 to help young people returning to farming settle into stable agricultural operations.

The program aims to support the stable initial agricultural management of TYM employees who engage in farming after retirement and expresses gratitude and the spirit of mutual growth management for employees who have contributed to the company's development. Accordingly, employees who retire for the purpose of returning to farming after a certain period of employment will be eligible to receive a tractor free of charge. In particular, this year, TYM plans to provide 40-50 horsepower non-cabin tractors, which offer quick and convenient operation with various control functions and high utility even in narrow spaces.

A TYM official stated, "By continuously introducing and expanding social value realization programs, we plan to provide substantial support and encouragement to various communities, including farmers. As a leading brand in the domestic agricultural machinery industry, we will faithfully fulfill our social responsibilities and do our best to ensure that support measures are prepared for areas requiring social attention, such as low birth rates and decreasing agricultural population."

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