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South Korea

Headquarters and homeland of TYM. Focused on the Korean market.

North America

For the US and Canadian market, with regional headquarters in North Carolina.


Global coverage and support for Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.


Learn about the values, people and processes that will help achieve and continuously drive sustainability initiatives at TYM, Korea's first company in the agricultural machinery industry to declare a commitment to ESG.

“To effectively respond to the fast-changing world, we plan to change our way of working to become a flexible and proactive organization. We will create a workplace that never stops innovating, and we will use employees’ creativity and willingness to learn and solve problems and develop a culture of communication. And through this innovation, we will continuously build an organization that leads to the satisfaction and growth of stakeholders.”

Hiyong Kim, Chairman & CEO
Dohoon Kim, President & CEO

Governing Committees

Our governing committees further enhance the expertise and efficiency of the Board of Directors. Launched in 2021, the committees seek to audit, strategize and implement programs that seek to transform TYM into an organization committed to sustainable management.

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