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South Korea

Headquarters and homeland of TYM. Focused on the Korean market.

North America

For the US and Canadian market, with regional headquarters in North Carolina.


Global coverage and support for Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

Series 6
Utility Tractors

The Series 6 tractors combine robust interiors and exteriors, equipping them for heavy duty and time-intensive applications. Whether you are looking to traverse hard or soft terrain, power large implements or attachments and maximize productivity of the engine or operator, the Series 6 tractors cover it all.

Taking utility to the next level, by design

In addition to impressive lift capabilities, greater transmission controls and power output, the Series 6 tractors are equipped with deluxe operator amenities. With cabins that provide lasting comfort, these tractors also promote operator productivity and accelerate project completion.

Featuring models capable of reaching speeds as low 0.1 mph (0.2 kmph), this series demonstrates effectiveness in applications where high-impact results need to be made in fewer passes, such as trenching. The high-efficiency, liquid cooled engine allows for less than 10% drop off from the front to the back of the tractor. Combined with a large volume fuel tank, this tractor is ready to take on any time-intensive, heavy-duty application, productively and cost-effectively.

Most popular applications

  • Material Handling

  • Land Clearing & Forestry

  • Construction

  • Arable Farming

Lifting, hauling and moving heavy materials for your operations

Built to maintain high productivity with maximized speed control and a deluxe operator cabin, a TYM utility tractor can help you accelerate material handling jobs for routine jobs and specialized projects. Maximized front and hitch lift capabilities allow you to carry large volumes of material at once, minimizing the number of trips and promoting operational efficiency.

Enabling you to take control of your commercial land

With a durable frame and powerful hitch lift capabilities, a TYM utility tractor has the traction, rpm and implement compatibility to power through tough land clearing task. From flattening large mounds of soil to clearing shallow-rooted trees, this tractor is equipped to crush, tow and lift away the hurdles for your operations.

Driving productive work for large developments

From preparing and foundation building to final assembly and finishing, productivity means faster completion at every construction stage. TYM utility tractors are designed to maximize productivity, with the highest possible lift capabilities to lift and haul more material with each repetition, a range of gears to promote efficient engine performance and a rugged body to maintain durability. Make this tractor your primary piece of machinery for an entire project, or working in tandem with other construction equipment.

Driving productivity for commercial farming operations

From row crops on wet land or permanent crops on dry land, TYM utility tractors are among the most preferred machines for commercial farming. Equipped with versatile functionality in a heavy-duty design, this tractor promotes productivity from soil preparation and seeding to irrigation and harvest. Enable faster and more efficient crop cycles with this tractor and maximize the use of your commercial farmland.

Features that combine optimal power, transmission and lift for greater results

With an efficient engine, robust transmission, powerful implement controls and deluxe operator comfort, this utility tractor is built to help you complete the toughest tasks with greater productivity.

Boasting precise German engineering, this engine offers high power and torque even at lower RPMs. Optimized to work with minimal breakdown, this engine offers productive work over a longer lifecycle.
Powerful, productive Deutz engine
The T130 has the most premium features for operator convenience, including a wireless smartphone charger and a keep hot or cold cupholder, within easy reach from the operator seat.
Smart charger and insulated cup holder
Work safely in low-light conditions, with brighter lights and a wider field of illumination.
LED worklights for better visibility
Use the easy-to-read 10.1-inch touch screen monitor to view vital information such as the vehicle status.
10.1 inch touchscreen monitor
Work lights are located on the sides and rear of the tractor to allow the operator to safely enter and exit
Side / rear work lights
The organ-style pedal, eases strain on the ankles so that the pedal can be pushed with less effort and give more accurate control to the operator.
Electronic organ-type pedal
The smartkey allows remote engine starts and hitch control at the touch of a button.
Key with remote start and control functions

Downloads and useful resources

TYM tractors are renowned for their reliability and economy. See our resources that cover you from pre-purchase decision making to lifecycle management and beyond.