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Press Others December 12, 2023

TYM Selected as Outstanding Company for Elderly Employment Creation in Chungbuk Province

  • Bearing fruit in employment creation considering the increasing aging population in rural areas
  • Will continue to strive for job creation and improvement of working conditions that can mutually benefit the local community
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TYM accelerates mutual growth with the community through elderly employment creation.

TYM announced on the 12th that it has been selected as the '2023 Outstanding Company for Elderly Employment Creation' in Chungbuk Province.

TYM received the honor along with 19 other companies, including Cheongwon Towel Co., Ltd. and Dongil Glass Co., Ltd., for contributing to elderly employment creation, a project initiated by Chungbuk Province this year. The recognition is attributed to TYM's efforts in excavating high-quality jobs accessible to various age groups, considering the increasing aging population in rural areas, as explained by the manager of the Jincheon Plant.

The ratio of employees aged 60 and above at TYM's Jincheon Plant, where the Filter Business Unit is located, is approximately 14.4%, significantly surpassing the criteria for selecting outstanding companies, which is above 5%. Along with this award, TYM will enjoy benefits such as a 0.5% preferential interest rate for two years under the Small and Medium Business Promotion Fund, a two-year deferment for local tax audits, and support for overseas market promotion.

TYM plans to focus on creating job opportunities for the elderly in the local communities near its headquarters and factories, not only contributing to Chungbuk Province but also recognizing the elderly population as valuable members of society. Additionally, TYM intends to gradually expand opportunities for youth employment in the future.

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A TYM official stated, “Contributing to the creation of jobs for the elderly, a key policy of Chungbuk Province, holds significant meaning. Moving forward, TYM will continue to exert efforts in job creation and improvement of working conditions, promoting mutual growth within the local community, and ensuring the positive impact initiated by TYM continues to circulate in society.”

The Chungcheongbuk-do (Chungbuk) Elderly Employment Creation Enterprise Certification System selects companies that employ a certain percentage of individuals aged 60 and above. This year, after recruiting certified companies in August and undergoing evaluations, outstanding companies were certified. In addition to the certification, commendations for outstanding cities and counties, as well as awards for exemplary cases, were presented.

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