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Press ESG March 11, 2022

TYM, KUKJE MACHINERY, Forest Fire Disaster Control Tower is in operation... Emergency disaster support to affected farmers.

TYM announced on the 11th that it will operate its disaster control tower system and provide support measures such as free repair and replacement of agricultural machinery to customers affected by forest fires, mainly in special disaster areas.
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TYM immediately operates a disaster control tower system to provide quick and systematic customer support if customers are damaged by disasters or disasters.

This support was also decided to minimize farm damage caused by large fires as an agricultural machinery manufacturer and to provide practical help to its customers ahead of the farming season. Currently, emergency support headquarters are organized in areas such as Uljin, Gangwon Samcheok, Gangwon-do, and Donghae and Gangneung in Gangwon-do, which are classified as special disaster areas, and efforts are being made to determine the size of product damage and affected farms.

If agricultural machinery damaged by forest fires is repairable among customers who purchase and use TYM and international general machinery products, they can receive free repair for public fees and some parts. It also provides free replacement of engine oil and filters for TYM and international general machinery products to customers affected by forest fires. Free replacement services can be received through an emergency mobile repair camp in the affected area.

In the wake of the full-fledged farming season, it will also provide a free rental service for agricultural machinery that supports tractors and work machines together. Agricultural machinery burned down in fires is often difficult to repair, so the intention is to actively support farmers' management of farmers so that there is no disruption to the management of farmers until the damage recovery is completed.

In addition, special benefits such as interest-free installments will be provided to farmers affected by the disaster when purchasing TYM and international machinery products. Any farmer affected by forest fires can benefit even if they are not existing TYM and international machinery customers.

Confirmation of the targets of support for emergency disaster support for TYM and international general machinery and other inquiries can be found through the nearest regional headquarters or agency.

Kim Do-hoon, CEO of TYM, said, "I hope that the lives of local residents and farmers suffering from forest fire damage will stabilize as soon as possible," adding, "We will do our best to provide practical help to the affected area."

Meanwhile, TYM has been steadily supporting the help needed by the local community by carrying out various social contribution activities at home and abroad. In the event of a mask sold out due to COVID-19 in 2020, 20,000 masks were provided free of charge to the elderly and vulnerable in rural areas, and 50,000 additional masks were distributed in 2021. In November last year, the government urgently provided urea water to farmers who were having difficulty working due to a lack of urea water supply. Recently, it donated 100 million won in cash and 500 million won worth of tractors to help Ukraine, which is suffering from the invasion of Russia.

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