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Press Corporate May 18, 2023

TYM Donates Agricultural Machinery Worth 400 Million KRW to Ukraine...Leading the Spread of Positive Influence for the Second Time this Year

  • TYM donated a total of 14 tractors and attachments...Additional support following last year's delivery of 500 million KRW in cash and machinery
  • TYM will continue to provide active support to areas in need, fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations of a global company
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TYM, as a global company, continues to make a meaningful impact through social contributions.
TYM has donated agricultural machinery worth a total of 400 million won to Ukraine, which is facing difficulties due to prolonged conflict.
With the hope of rapid recovery in Ukraine's agricultural-based economy, TYM made this decision in a humanitarian capacity. This marks the second round of support this year, following last year's donation of a total of 500 million won in cash and agricultural machinery towards Ukraine's economic reconstruction.

On the 17th of last month, CEO Kim Do-hoon met with Yulia Svyrydenko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine, to hand over the donation certificate for the agricultural machinery. Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Svyrydenko expressed gratitude for TYM's contribution and encouragement for Ukraine's reconstruction, presenting a donation certificate to TYM as well.

The donated agricultural machinery, facilitated through the Ukrainian Embassy in South Korea, includes a total of 14 tractors and attachments ranging from 24 to 60 horsepower. These include models such as the '2505H,' 'F50R,' and '6225C.' These products can be effectively utilized not only in agriculture but also in various construction and work sites. They are expected to make a significant impact on economic recovery and improve the quality of life for local community residents. Moreover, TYM has plans to go beyond material support, focusing on improving the local usability and post-management of the tractors.

TYM's CEO, Dohoon Kim, stated that “the donation of agricultural machinery is driven by a genuine desire to facilitate the swift recovery of everyday life for the people of Ukraine”. He also stated, "Whether it is Ukraine, Turkey, or any other place in need, TYM will continue to provide support, both domestically and internationally. As a global company, we remain dedicated to upholding our responsibilities."

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