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Press Others May 10, 2023

“Aims to provide number one service for the best engineer group”

  • TYM plans to further strengthen perfect service to achieve customer satisfaction based on upgraded skills.
  • Efforts to secure the competitiveness of customer service and provide exceptional services based on the industry's top-notch engineering foundation

TYM is improving engineering program to enhance its service competitiveness.

This event was organized to award participants who achieved excellent results in the 'CHIEF ENGINEER Selection Competition' held in March. TYM aims to lead the strengthening of 'perfect service' that goes beyond customer satisfaction, centered on the four best engineer groups who are the award recipients.

The winners will participate in a mentoring program to train future junior technicians based on their skilled know-how. Additionally, TYM will serve as service technical consultants, providing more professional and satisfactory service for import supply products such as John Deere and ISEKI while improving TYM's overall service quality.

The 'CHIEF ENGINEER Selection Competition' is a biennial event that provides a platform for the top TYM engineers in the industry to compete in the fields of agricultural machinery maintenance technology and customer service. This year, after an intense competition, Yoon-ho Park and Pyeong-soon Lee were selected as craftsmen, and Jung-kyu Kim and Se-hyun Hwang were selected as first-class engineers. TYM plans to further strengthen its service system by conducting competition in North America and expanding its global presence.

A TYM official stated, "TYM is enhancing its service capabilities by conducting the highly skilled engineer selection competition as a leading agricultural machinery brand and service provider company". The official also stated that “TYM plan to develop and implement various programs to transfer excellent engineering skills and cultivate talent and to strengthen a differentiated, customer-tailored, perfect service environment”.

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