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Press ESG December 01, 2021

TYM signed a business agreement for the village self-governing pension in Iksan. Realize social values in the community

TYM signed a "village self-governing pension business agreement" at Iksan City Hall on the 30th with Iksan City, the National Pension Service, and large, small and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural cooperation foundations.

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The signing ceremony was attended by Lee Ju-young, head of TYM's production division, Kim Haeng-sik, head of plant management team Kim Pyeong-soon, and ESG team manager Kim Byung-kwan, as well as project participants to support the introduction of "Mercury Village" and "Village Autonomy Pension."

The Village Autonomy Pension is a project promoted to realize universal welfare for the elderly aged 70 or older living in the village. The key is to supplement the retirement income of the elderly and improve the quality of life by cooperative organizations such as Iksan City and TYM working together to support facilities and facilities and distributing profits generated from them to the elderly in rural areas. Elderly people participating in the project can receive a certain amount of village self-government pension prepared through facility usage fees until death.

With this agreement, TYM, along with Iksan City, will contribute donations for low-temperature storage facilities to Sueun Village, the third nationwide and the second village of Iksan Village Autonomy Pension, following Iksan Cathedral Port Village and 2nd Wanju Dogye Village. In addition, it will play a role in promoting joint projects to realize ESG (environmental, social, and governance) social values, supporting village self-governing pension generation facilities using its own capabilities, and project execution management and follow-up management using the Rural Win-Win Fund. It aims to do its best to improve the quality of life of the elderly population in rural areas as well as to establish a sustainable virtuous cycle system.

In particular, TYM's agreement is drawing attention in the industry as an example of voluntary participation of companies leading social contribution activities. TYM has attracted attention by promoting a project to donate tractors for young farmers returning to farming to help them manage and settle down stable agriculture, and by steadily supporting suppliers since the past. As a result, it achieved the first comprehensive evaluation "A grade" in the agricultural machinery industry in the 2021 ESG Evaluation and Rating Announcement of Listed Companies announced by the Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS).

We will actively strive to innovate the rural environment, improve the quality of life of the elderly, and support healthy retirement, a TYM official said. "We plan to continue to review and support projects that can contribute to the development of the local community."

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