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Technology Tractor August 23, 2023

TYM Future Cup and the evolution of tractor design

The humble tractor has come a long way since its early origins. From rudimentary engines to advanced, high-tech machinery, tractors have continually evolved to meet the changing needs of the agriculture industry. With groundbreaking tractor design and innovation, TYM has been among the leaders in this evolution.

With the 2023 merger of TYM and Branson tractors (Kukje Machinery), the integrated TYM brand is reimagining our vision and design for the future. But instead of taking matters into our own hands, we’ve decided to enlist the help of new ideas from young minds with TYM Future Cup, TYM’s annual tractor design contest.

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Humble beginnings with rudimentary design

In the past, the focus of tractor design was predominantly on functionality. These early machines were basic, and the design aesthetic played little role in their development. In the same way, TYM tractors came from humble beginnings.

TYM was founded as Tongyang Trading when it was first established in 1951. The company later rebranded as Tong Yang Moolsan, and by 2004, the corporate name was shortened to TYM. In 2020, the company initiated a brand transformation program to strengthen our global presence. As the brand identity and logo evolved, so did the face of our tractors, best exemplified in the new Series 4 tractors. The latest TYM tractors feature a front fascia that draws inspiration from a tiger's face, the national animal of Korea and a symbol of power and strength. TYM's signature color is applied to the wheels, side steps, and other parts, enhancing the tractors' bold, visual appeal.

With the changing farming landscape, modern tractor design now involves advanced technology, ergonomic considerations, and aesthetics. Tractors need to be comfortable, efficient, and visually attractive. Over the past seven decades, TYM has been at the forefront of this evolution, offering high-performance tractors combining functionality and aesthetics.

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From functional form to award-winning design

Early on, TYM recognized that functional design should be at the core of our tractors. Design is critical in tractors because it impacts functionality and operator comfort. Likewise, the integration of advanced technology into tractor design can dramatically enhance efficiency and productivity. Tractors are often used for extended periods, so it's important for operators to be comfortable. Ergonomic designs, such as an adjustable seat and an air-conditioned cabin, can greatly reduce operator fatigue and boost productivity. TYM understands the importance of all these factors and has used them to create a diverse range of tractors that cater to various farming needs. From the compact and efficient T25 to the powerful and premium T130, TYM's tractors represent the perfect balance of functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, earning numerous domestic and international design accolades.

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Bringing new talent to the forefront with Future Cup

TYM's commitment to innovative tractor design was on display at the TYM 2023 Future Cup competition invited participants worldwide to contribute fresh ideas for the next generation of TYM tractors. The contest aimed to gather fresh and innovative ideas from participants worldwide for the next generation of TYM tractors.This year’s Future Cup, under the theme of "Design Your Attractor," was a success, attracting a wave of groundbreaking designs that showcased the potential of future tractor technology.

The Grand Prize was awarded to Jeong-gyu Lim who proposed a concept for a compact tractor with a detachable body called TIMO. As an unmanned tractor equipped with self-driving capability, this design was a direct response to the necessity of smart technology in agriculture and a declining agricultural population. See the award-winning works in this video.


The Future Cup competition and its winning designs exemplify TYM's dedication to advancing tractor design, encapsulating a history of innovation and a vision for smart technology.

Future Cup is a testament to TYM's commitment to advancing tractor design, encapsulating smart technology, superior comfort, and compelling aesthetics. As we look to the future, it's clear that tractor design will continue to evolve in response to the changing demands of the agricultural industry.

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