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Award Corporate September 27, 2021

TYM TTI won the grand prize at the "National Best Practices Competition for Business Training".

TYM announced that it received the grand prize in the new technology training category at the 2021 National Best Practices Competition for Employer Vocational Competency Development Training held at the Ulsan Convention Center on the 16th.

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Marking the month of vocational competency development in September every year, the Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation holds a national competition for 18 companies (6 each in large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and new technology training) who won the first place in regional competitions. TYM, which won first place at the Gwangju regional competition in June and qualified to participate, also won the grand prize in the new technology category of the national competition.

As the market, customer needs, and technology demand for agricultural machinery related to the fourth industry in Korea increased, TYM conducted self-driving agricultural machinery maintenance technology training for high-skilled engineers. This award is the result of being recognized for its excellent design, operation, performance, and know-how in fostering professional technical personnel in the curriculum.

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TYM plans to continue to produce excellent manpower that can proactively respond to changes in the agricultural machinery industry through education and training in various fields, including future agriculture. The plan is to expand investment in the field of education and training with the aim of realizing customer satisfaction through fostering talent.

TYM CEO Kim Do-hoon said, "TYM always puts customers first and strives to satisfy the best customers. We will spare no support for developing new technologies and fostering excellent professionals for agricultural development in the 4th industrial era."

Meanwhile, TYM has established its subsidiary TYMICT to develop and mass-produce autonomous agricultural machinery and is developing telematics-based autonomous agricultural machinery with the aim of commercialization in early 2022. In July, a demonstration of self-driving tractors was held to record the highest level of precision in Korea through the development of its own technology and prove its excellence.

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