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Ethical management

Our Charter of Ethics is a guide to everything we do at TYM, from the internal workplace to the external impact we have on the environment. Through ethically informed corporate management, we strive to foster a rewarding workplace where people and nature can come together through technology and empower our customers to shape the land around them.

In this way, we work to deliver value to our customers, as well as our investors and shareholders.

Charter of Ethics

This Charter aims to outline the ethics principles that TYM upholds to each key stakeholder in their professional practices and behaviors.

  1. Keeping in mind that customers are the foundation of the company's profits and growth, we provide the best products and services that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

  2. Understanding that our customers have diverse and evolving needs, we will always listen to opinions and strive to create value for our customers.

  3. Recognizing that the highest quality products delivered in a timely manner is the ultimate symbol of respect for customers, we do our best to achieve this.

  4. If customer-related information is acquired, this information shall not be disclosed to others or used for anything other than the stated purpose without the customer's prior consent.

  5. Respecting the customer's right to know and understanding the importance of truth, we will always try to preemptively block the spread of false information or the provision of false information in advance.

TYM Corporation will take the lead in ensuring equal participation opportunities for all partner companies and create a transparent and fair trade climate. By building and fostering trust with partner companies, we will build a future where coexistence and mutual prosperity can be achieved.

  1. Recognizing that the success of our partners is directly related to the competitiveness and success of TYM Corporation, we will actively cooperate so partners can enhance competitiveness and strive to lead the overall development of related industries.

  2. In order to take the lead and create a transparent, fair trade climate, TYM Corporation will not abuse its position of advantage to make unreasonable demands.

  3. Transparent deals

    1. On minimum requirements, all candidate partners will have equal opportunity to participate in the registration and selection process conducted by TYM.
    2. The registration, selection, evaluation, and change of subcontractors shall be carried out in a reasonable way based on objective and fair standards.

    3. In case of change of all transaction conditions, prior consultation with the relevant company is conducted and focus is on securing objectivity and validity.

  4. Prohibition of misconduct

    1. TYM will not receive money, valuables, entertainment/hospitality, or any conveniences from subcontractors to gain work-related advantage.

    2. TYM will not engage in unethical acts against partners that are against social beliefs or customs.

    3. TYM may issue a transaction penalty to a partner company if it provides gifts, entertainment, or financial benefits to executives and employees.

TYM Corporation respects all employees, understanding that each employee has free will. The company will strive to foster an environment and corporate culture whereby employees can grow to be ethical corporate citizens.

  1. Communication: TYM Corporation respect employees' individual personalities and ideas in order to reinforce that employees are owners of the company and can achieve pride and reward through work.

  2. Career growth: TYM Corporation does not discriminate in terms of nurturing talented people and providing opportunities to develop their abilities.

  3. Fair treatment: TYM Corporation will enable employees to perform their duties fairly, evaluating abilities and achievements according to fair standards and reward them commensurately.

  4. Culture of creativity: TYM Corporation respects individual privacy and strives to form a mature organizational culture that guarantees creativity and autonomy.

All employees of TYM Corporation are expected to do their best to establish the right values ​​and contribute to the creation of national and societal values through continuous self-development and faithful performance of duties.

  1. Basic ethics

    1. All employees and executives are ambassadors and must be proud as a stakeholder of TYM Corporation, which in turn demands an honest and sincere attitude.
    2. All employees and executives must always strive to protect individual dignity and honor through ethical values.

  2. Self-development

    1. All executives and employees establish a reputation of being talented individuals who continuously strive for self-development of aptitude and talent.
    2. Recognizing changing economic situations, employees share knowledge so that individuals and companies can develop together.

  3. Fulfillment of company vision

    1. All employees and executives share the company's vision and policy and faithfully carry out their assigned individual missions.
    2. Recognizing their rights and responsibilities, employees will comply with company regulations and related laws.
    3. Based on trust, employees and teams increase work efficiency through active cooperation and smooth communication.
    4. Employees must prevent risks that may arise in decision-making and take active measures and responsibilities to counter any problems that arise.
    5. All employees and executives do their best to ensure their individual safety, as well as the safety of all people and partner companies related to TYM Corporation.

  4. Fair job performance

    1. All duties shall be performed fairly, and if it is not clear or not specified in the company regulations, it shall be performed transparently and reasonably.
    2. Supervisors may not give instructions to subordinates that do not comply with laws and company regulations, and subordinates who receive such instructions may refuse to perform their duties. Those who report such instances will not be put in a position of disadvantage.
    3. Employees shall not make unreasonable solicitations to each other or give or receive any form of profit in return for solicitation.
    4. Employees will not disclose customer or company information to a third party without prior consent of the customer, or prior approval of the company.
    5. Employees will not use company property for personal use, and the company will not treat personal expenses as company expenses.
    6. All employees and executives take the lead in reporting and rejecting illegal software, and all in-house software is purchased and used.

  5. Maintaining dignity

    1. All employees are a part of the company and will not engage in behavior or conduct that is considered unwholesome or subject to social condemnation.
    2. All employees actively participate in the creation of a sound corporate culture by preventing the occurrence of sexual harassment or distrust within the organization that may occur between workers.

TYM Corporation respects the free market economic order and takes the lead in creating values ​​for the nation and society by observing laws and social ethics standards through fair competition.

  1. Respect for free market economic order

    1. TYM Corporation does not tolerate any act that denies or violates the free market economic order.
    2. Individual suffrage and political will are respected, but TYM Corporation will not intervene in political matters. However, the company may express its position on the drafting of policies or laws related to the interests of TYM Corporation.
    3. Wherever we do business in the world, we respect the culture and traditions of that country, comply with laws and practices, and contribute to the development of society.
    4. Employees residing abroad will be familiar with and comply with local laws and customs, and maintain international courtesy and dignity.

  2. Fair competition

    1. TYM Corporation competes freely and fairly with all competitors in accordance with the laws and commercial practices of the region in which it operates.
    2. We secure customer trust through the quality of products and services and practice fair competition in good faith.

  3. Protection of shareholder interests

    1. TYM Corporation does its best to protect shareholders' rights and increase investment value by realizing sound profits through transparent and responsible management.
    2. We strive to treat all shareholders equally, protect shareholder rights, and respect the legitimate needs of shareholders.
    3. Respect shareholders' right to know about the company, and disclose company information in a timely and dedicated manner.

  4. Environmental protection

    1. TYM Corporation aims to be an eco-friendly company, diligently complying with environmental laws, and actively participating in the movement for environmental protection.
    2. We take the lead in conserving the environment and resources through continuous technological development.

  5. Fulfillment of social responsibility

    1. We contribute to national development by creating jobs and faithful payment of taxes, in turn contributing to the stability and growth of the national economy as a perpetual enterprise that creates legitimate profits.
    2. We actively accept the legitimate opinions of members of society and local residents across class and community lines.
    3. We contribute to the development of society by fulfilling corporate social responsibilities through education, culture, and welfare projects.

TYM Corporation respects the free market economic order and takes the lead in creating values for the nation and society by observing laws and social ethics standards through fair competition.

  1. The Charter of Ethics applies to the "company" and all executives and employees, including overseas subsidiaries and offices.
  2. Rewards apply for actions that contribute to ethical management processes, while actions that violate the Charter of Ethics are subject to penalties.
  3. If standards and interpretations are unclear when applying the Charter of Ethics, consult with the executive in charge and request interpretation from the Planning and Coordination Office for important matters.
  4. The Charter of Ethics cannot supersede current legislation, but it does take precedence over company regulations.
  5. Enforcement Period for the Charter of Ethics continues to be effect since December 1, 2006.

Charter of Human Rights

The Charter aims to improve service delivery and ensure transparent decision making by promoting a human rights culture across the organization.

The Company does not discriminate against anyone in the aspect of employment, promotion, education, wage, welfare, etc. or on the ground of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion, age, family status, academic background, connections, social status, and political opinion for all executives and employees and it structures the organizational culture to respect the diversity of executives and employees. Any case of discrimination shall be handled by zero tolerance policy.

TYM prohibits any act that cause physical or mental suffering of other employees or deteriorate the work environment beyond the appropriate scope of work by taking advantage of a person’s superiority in relationship in the workplace. This includes sexual harassment, which causes to feel sexual humiliation, repulsion, or shame with sexual words or behaviors, and non-sexual harassment such as mobbing, bullying, and threats.

TYM complies with the legal working hours, and it pays all executives and employees reasonable remunerations for the work along with the salary statement. In addition, TYM pays more than the minimum wage in accordance with each minimum wage-related law, including the Minimum Wage Act, and provides sufficient training opportunities and a work environment suitable for job performance for all executives and employees to develop their capabilities and improve their quality of life.

TYM respects the privacy of the executives and employees and fully protects personal information, and it does not abuse, physically or mentally, or adversely treat any executives or employees.

TYM respects the labor relations laws and provides sufficient opportunity for communication with all executives and employees.

TYM does not engage in any act of violence, threat, false imprisonment, or goes against the will of any executive or employee and it does not coerce any work against the free will by the method of confiscating a personal ID or company ID. In addition, any labor or employment of children and adolescents under the age of 15 are prohibited in principle.

TYM regularly inspects the facilities, equipment, tools, and others of the business premises for all executives and employees to work in a safe work environment and prepares the support plan for post management and appropriate measures for the purpose of preventing physical and mental hazards.

All executives and employees of TYM are cautioned not to interfere with the human rights of the residents when carrying out their work. Moreover, the rights to safety and health for residents, and freedom of residence are protected.

All executives and employees of TYM shall make it their highest priority to protect the life, health and property of customers when providing products and services and shall make their best endeavors and take measures to protect the personal information collected from management activities.

Code of Practice for Ethical Management

This Code is a set of guiding principles intended to ensure TYM and its employees act with honesty and integrity in all facets of its day-to-day operations.

  1. Prohibition of accepting and providing bribes: We do not accept, offer, or promise to provide any form of illegal or unethical profit or bribes from stakeholders, either financially or non-financially.

  2. Prohibition of improper solicitation and entrustment: Improper solicitation between employees and stakeholders or between internal employees is prohibited.

  3. Conflicts of interest: When it is inevitable to avoid conflicts of interest between the company and individuals, the interests for the company and its customers should be taken priority in consideration within the legal scope.

  4. Confidentiality: The confidentiality, knowledge, or information obtained directly or indirectly through the performance of duties should not be divulged or used to pursue personal interests.

  5. Work ethics: Regardless of time and space, employees should fulfill their personal responsibilities when performing company work, and the company's assets and facilities should be used only for business purposes.

  6. Abuse of power: Employees should not exercise undue influence or pursue illegal interests of the company or individuals by using the authority or position of the job.

  7. Document preparation and reporting: Employees should not create or report documents based on manipulated contents such as concealment, reduction, exaggeration, or false information, or share with internal and external stakeholders.


  1. Unfair competition: Employees should not obtain information from competitors, subcontractors, or other organizations in an unfair way, and should not use or disclose information obtained illegally by the company or a third party.
  2. Prohibition of unfair trade practices: Employees should not engage in acts that are likely to impede fair competition through unfair trade, such as abuse of market dominance or trading position.
  3. Prohibition of unreasonable joint actions: Employees should not agree on acts restricting unreasonable competition with other business regarding the price, supply, transaction area, timing, and transaction conditions of products or services.
  4. Intellectual property rights: Employees should protect the trade secrets of partners in contractual relationship and should not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  5. Tax: For transparent and fair tax process, Employees should comply with the tax laws of the countries where our business are located and comply with due tax obligations.
  6. Money laundering: Employees should not engage in any activities related to money laundering of customers, partners, subcontractors, other institutions, business, and individuals.
  7. Win-Win Management: Employees should pursue fair win-win relationships with our partners and should not engage in unfair trade practices.
  1. Customer safety: Employees should not make decisions compromising customer safety in the entire process, including R&D, raw material procurement, production, sales and distribution, and after-sales service.
  2. Quality: Employees should not engage in acts impairing the quality standards necessary to stably supply the company's products and services to customers.
  3. Personal information protection: To protect customers' personal information, employees should comply with relevant laws and regulations and Employees should not engage in acts illegally infringing on customers' personal information.
  4. Product responsibility: Employees should proactively provide necessary information to prevent damage or risk to customers and responsibly implement measures to ensure the safety and quality of products and services.
  5. Information provision: Employees should provide customers with useful information related to products and services for making its right decisions and should not provide false information.
  6. Gathering customer opinions: Employees should listen to customers' opinions on products and services and actively accept customers' legitimate requests and reasonable suggestions.
  7. Customer accessibility: Employees should take necessary measures to ensure that no customers are restricted from using products and services due to gender, age, disability, language, etc.
  1. Respect for human rights: Employees should respect each employee as an independent individual and take active measures to protect the human rights universally pursued in human society.
  2. Prohibition of discrimination: Employees should not be discriminated based on nationality, region of origin, race, gender, age, religion, educational background, disability, appearance, political orientation, personal preference, etc.
  3. Observance of equal opportunity: Employees should be provided equal opportunities for education and growth according to their abilities and qualifications, and fairly evaluated and rewarded by their performance.
  4. Compliance with safety and health: Actively taking necessary measures for the safety of our employees and maintaining a safe work environment from occupational accidents, injuries, disasters, disasters, diseases and transmissions.
  5. Prohibition of workplace harassment: All online and offline actions insulting the personality of members of TYM or damaging human dignity, such as verbal and physical violence, sexual harassment, bullying, and intimidation are prohibited.
  6. Observance of work-family balance: Efforts should be made to provide a work environment in which work and life are harmoniously balanced for employees.
  1. Sustainable development: In the process of making business decisions, taking responsibility for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to solve the environmental and social matters facing human society.
  2. Environment: Recognizing that the environment is a valuable asset that should be preserved for the next generation (ESG VISION: Innovative legacy for the next generation), doing its best to minimize negative factors on the environment in all areas of our business.
  3. Social contribution: Actively discovering social matters facing our society and actively seeking solutions.
  4. Stakeholder engagement: Identifying stakeholders who may be affected by the company's management or influencing, we actively communicate and act on material issues related to sustainability.
  5. Shareholder value: Pursuing increase the value of the company and shareholders through sustainable management.
  6. Information Disclosure: Financial and non-financial information is disclosed in a timely manner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  1. Responsibilities of the head of the organization: The head of the organization being applied this Code of Ethics and Code of Practice should actively support and manage employees and relevant stakeholders for proper implementation.
  2. Organization and reporting: Organizations being applied this Code of Practice should form an appropriate organization and reporting system for ethical risk prevention and due diligence, and clarify responsibilities and roles.
  3. Monitoring and due diligence: Organizations being applied this Code of Practice should establish a system to constantly monitor and conduct due diligence on ethical risks.
  4. Internal control: Organizations being applied this Code of Practice should establish a 24-hour reporting system that allows internal and external access and operate appropriate internal control systems such as regular and irregular audits.
  5. Protection of whistleblowers: Organizations being applied this Code of Practice should protect from identifying whistleblowers and take necessary measures to prevent whistleblowers from being subjected to unreasonable treatment, discrimination or retaliation.
  6. Revision and education: Organizations being applied this Code of Practice should regularly review and supplement, and provide appropriate education to respect and practice the meaning pursued by this code of practice.
  7. Disclosure and handling of violation information: When a violation occurs, the organizations being applied this Code of Practice should immediately take necessary measures according to the company rules. In order to prevent recurrence of violations, appropriate methods should be selected and the relevant information should be disclosed.

Code of Practice for Anti-Corruption and Bribery

This Code outlines specific practices to identify the private or personal gain acceptable and unacceptable behavior at all levels of the TYM organization.

As a reliable partner to various stakeholders, TYM strives to practice transparent and ethical management to increase customer value. The purpose of the Code of Anti-Corruption and Bribery is to prevent the occurrence of corruption and bribery, - which are economic criminal acts that damage the company's tangible and intangible assets and impede the fair performance of their duties-and allow employees to practice independently in accordance with ethical and moral values. In conducting business with all TYM employees, the Code of Anti-Corruption and Bribery related laws and regulations must be complied with.

This Code of Practice applies to all persons who: (hereinafter referred to as “Subjects”)

  1. All personnel belonging to or related to TYM
  2. All personnel belonging to or related to subsidiaries, affiliates, etc. of TYM
  3. All personnel belonging to or related to all business partners such as business partners and customers of TYM
  1. Bribe
    1. Subjects should not accept, offer, or promise to provide illegal or unethical benefits or bribes in monetary or non-monetary form to each other or to a third party. Bribery refers to any type of profit, tangible, or intangible, provided or received to obtain monetary or non-monetary benefits, including money, services, entertainment, gifts, donations, support, preferential treatment, convenience, and rebate.

    2. Subjects should not make or receive any improper payment to each other or to a third party without distinguishing between direct or indirect means.

    3. In particular, Subjects should not condone the fact being aware of the circumstances of bribery in the interest of TYM

  2. Improper Solicitation
    1. Subjects should not make any illegal solicitation in all exchanges, such as transactions with each other or with a third party.

    2. Subjects should not make unreasonable demands or receive compensation from each other or a third party by using their superior or dominant position.

    3. Subjects should not mediate or solicit unfair transactions with each other or with a third party.

    4. Subjects prohibits trading on favorable terms for any specific 'Subjects' or a specific third party.

    5. Subjects should express their intention of refusal explicitly and unequivocally when receiving an improper solicitation.

    6. Subjects should immediately report to the internal reporting procedure, the audit team, or the audit committee when an improper solicitation is received or discovered.

  3. Gifts and entertainment
    1. Subjects should not receive goods or entertainment that exceed the normal level recognized by relevant laws and social norms, such as Improper Solicitation and Graft Act, etc. from each other or from a third party. If it is unavoidably received, immediately report it to the internal reporting procedure, the audit team, or the audit committee, and follow the action.

    2. All TYM employees should not publicly disclose congratulations or condolences to stakeholders in the course of their duties and should ensure that the amount of congratulations does not exceed the normal level in accordance with social customs.

  4. Payments to governments and government officials
    1. When transacting with the government, government-affiliated organizations, or government related organizations, the transactions should comply with relevant laws and must be conducted in a transparent and just manner.

    2. When paying public officials’ accommodation, meals, and transportation expenses in relation to contract promotion or marketing of products and services, relevant laws such as Improper Solicitation and Graft Act should be complied with.

  1. Monitoring: Establish a reporting system accessible to 'Subjects' subject to this Code of Practice, constantly monitor corruption and bribery risks, and establish a system to conduct due diligence, if necessary.
    - Filing system on a complaint, in operation of audit team
  2. Measures in case of violation: Take the necessary measures immediately in accordance with the company rules. In order to prevent recurrence of violations, appropriate methods are selected, and the relevant information is disclosed.
    - Application of personnel committee, service regulations and personnel regulations