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South Korea

Headquarters and homeland of TYM Tractors. Focused on the Korean market.

North America

For the US and Canadian market, with regional headquarters in North Carolina.


Global coverage and support for Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

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Under the directive of the CEO, TYM considers sustainability management a driving force and core consideration across all operational facets. In addition to striving for the highest environmental ratings from regulatory bodies such as the Korea Corporate Governance Institute (KCGS), TYM has defined a clear vision for sustainable operations. In turn, this vision informs efficient management and enhancement of environment and social parameters, both through internal checks and external audits.

ESG capabilities

Explore TYM's current status and future objectives for sustainable development, as well as details on management processes for environmental preservation, social initiatives and ethical governance.

ESG Rating

See TYM's environmental rating as certified by the Korea Corporate Governance Institute (KCGS)

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ESG Vision

TYM strives to conserve the natural environment and create win-win partnerships with suppliers for sustainable growth

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Environmental Management

Understand the system and processes behind environmental management at TYM

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Social Management

Explore TYM's trade process and community activities to foster a more sustainable society

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Governance Structure

Learn the company's system of checks and balances to maintain and enhance sustainable operations.

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Have questions about TYM? Talk to an expert from our team