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Award Corporate May 25, 2021

The TYM brand receives global recognition at the Middle East edition of the Transform Awards

TYM won two gold and one silver across three categories at the 2021 Transform Awards, held in Dubai in May 2021. The winning categories were "Best Brand Experience","Best Visual Identity in Agriculture" and "Best Digital Asset Rebranding".

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The Transform Awards is the major global organization recognizing outstanding brand transformations. Headquartered in London, UK, Transform Magazine hosts the awards every year in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (MEA), North America, and Asia. During the ceremonies, the panel of judges selects and awards the brands that have achieved stellar results, across industries.

TYM had last year announced its new brand, changing its name from Tong Yang Moolsan. TYM introduced a reinvigorated vision, mission, brand identity and tagline, which in turn led to the establishment of an official website to expand to the global market, and the launch and distribution of the digital Presentation OS sales toolkit for domestic and international dealers. The background of this rebranding project was a collaboration with MBLM, a global brand consulting firm.

The TYM rebrand was informed by MBLM's brand strategy, future marketing direction, brand consulting, new identity and platform development during the course of last year. The result was a powerful red logo evocative of the Korean tiger.

At the Transform Awards, TYM won gold for the "Best Brand Experience" and "Best Visual Identity in Agriculture" categories. A silver prize was also awarded for the "Best Digital Asset Rebranding". The jury left favorable comments on the TYM brand strategy, which expanded their digital experience to capture customers' interest in the COVID-19 era, where conventional public relations activities such as participation in trade fairs have become impossible.

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Gold for Best Brand Experience

TYM PresentationOS won first place, recognizing the capabilities of the digital sales toolkit to empower sales representatives, both domestic and international. The tool fostered more interactive experiences for customers, going over and above printed product catalogs.

All products were implemented with 3D modeling and interactive design, making it possible to introduce products more intuitively. The tool was also a part of TYM's ESG management strategy, which seeks to reduce unnecessary consumption and waste of resources used in printing.

The Transform Award jury praised TYM and MBLM's PresentationOS not only for digitizing product catalogs, but also for having creative illustration and design, and powerful communication capabilities. In particular, it was a timely and flexible response at a time when economic activity around the world was contracted due to the spread of COVID-19. The panel also noted how the tool allowed TYM to leave a unique footprint in the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry.

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Silver for Best Digital Asset Rebranding

As international fairs were canceled with the spread of COVID-19, TYM made the decision to connect with customers worldwide through a more robust, digital address. the announcement of the new brand led to the launch of a new official website - "tym.world". In order to solidify its position in the growing overseas market, the design considered a more global audience, firmly incorporating the TYM identity in the digital world.

"The website is different and innovative. It is unimaginable that a tractor website could be so attractive,” the judges' panel commented. 

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Gold for Best Visual Identity in Agriculture Industry

TYM led the brand innovation in collaboration with MBLM to successfully promote the brand beyond the domestic market to overseas markets. The heart of the rebranding project was the logo redesign. The logo was created to be applied without distortion across media, from wayfinding signs and billboards to catalogs, documents, and promotional materials, online and offline.

Through the established brand platform of "form, function, and value" the "Designed for your world" tagline was born, informing the logo development process. Careful and intensive work followed to craft a logo that reflected the platform and promise of the TYM brand. The result is a strong yet balanced visual identity, combining smooth edges and sharp lines.

The Transform Awards jury praised the visual identity, saying that both the global sensibility and the image of agricultural machinery were well expressed. One judge said, "With TYM's visual identity, MBLM has established an aesthetic element that can be approached emotionally while expressing the power that comes to mind when thinking of a tractor manufacturer. Bold yet modern, flexible and outstanding.”

Regarding the new brand identity, TYM Chairman Hiyong Kim said, "It is not just a change in our logo. It expresses the reason for our existence and the future we will create together. The shape and image of TYM’s products were also reflected in the logo design. The ‘T’-shaped monogram embodies a Korean tiger, symbolizing TYM’s technological strength, future growth and passion for technological innovation. TYM's new identity demonstrates our commitment to solidify our brand position in the global market and provide better services and products to support our customers.”

In addition to the awards won this year, TYM will also be celebrating its 70th anniversary, continuing to collaborate with MBLM to launch various campaigns. Dohoon Kim, CEO of TYM, said, "TYM's new brand reflects our commitment to serving our customers. We hope that our efforts and values will be recognized more widely by winning this prestigious Brand Award. We will do our best to guide not only TYM, but also our society to a brighter future."

Nelson Hur, managing director of MBLM in Seoul, also said, "This year, TYM celebrates its 70th anniversary, and I am very moved. In addition to the occasion of winning this professional brand award, I am delighted to work with TYM in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the company's founding and helping successfully expand to the global market in the future. We plan to launch more diverse and interesting marketing campaigns, and we ask TYM's audiences to keep an eye out for it.”

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