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Award Tractor July 13, 2015

TYM transaxle innovation receives prestigious ATC certification

TYM received the Korean government's ATC (Excellent Manufacturing Technology Research Center) certification, highlighting again the company's capabilities as a local leader for domestic agricultural machinery. While TYM has received national and international recognitions many times over the decades, this award has proven that the company's research has remained at the forefront of technology and innovation in the region.

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The certification, which is one of the most highly sought after in Korea, highlights TYM as the only agricultural machinery manufacturer to have a central technology research center recognized by the government. It highlights the company's capabilities as highly competitive in pioneering cutting-edge styling and design for agricultural machinery.

TYM has been credited as the authority on the trans-axle, which is the core component of agricultural tractors. It combines major functions such as speed change and front and rear implements. With regard to the transmission design technology required to develop this, the Central Technology Research Institute received a new technology certification from the government, and through this, it developed the industry's first small and medium-sized HST tractor and 100 hp power shuttle tractor.

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Previously, TYM also developed an 80 hp unmanned autonomous tractor for the first time in Korea by combining advanced ICT technology and intelligent agricultural machine design technology. It was capable of automatically generating the optimal path to work, leveraging technologies such as load estimation, noise and vibration reduction technology and electro-hydraulic damping control.

Located in Gongju City, South Chungcheong Province, the Central Technology Research Center was established in 1988 and currently employs 82 people, including 3 PhD holders and 26 masters graduates. It is developing the first high-end 150 horsepower tractor in Asia, as well as a number of new products that will push the limits of equipment performance. More than 250 intellectual property rights have been filed by the Central Technology Research Center and currently 48 patents and 10 designs have been registered and held.

The T483 and T993 were highlighted in particular as excellent industrial design products, which set a new local and international standard for agricultural machinery design. Chairman Hiyong Kim, who led the design grafting, explained, "Our products are competitive in terms of design. When we first applied the design, the company also opposed it. But in the end, our design has become a benchmark for companies across the globe.”

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