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Story Transplanter May 02, 2024

Feeding the world: The vital role of rice farming

Rice is a staple crop for more than half of the world's population, and it is also of vital nutritional importance. However, the majority of rice production is concentrated in a few Asian countries, including China and India. These countries are focusing on boosting rice productivity by improving varieties and innovating cultivation techniques. In this process, agricultural machinery, including rice transplanters, continues to play an increasingly important role. Similarly, TYM is advancing rice productivity and quality through precision agriculture, employing advanced technologies in rice transplanters to drive innovation in this important industry.

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The importance and challenges of rice cultivation

Rice has been a fundamental source of nutrition for humans for millennia and remains just as important today. However, countries vary in their rice production and self-sufficiency depending on their natural environment, technological capabilities, and economic strength. While Singapore and Vietnam are highly self-sufficient in rice and even export it, countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Philippines struggle to meet demand through domestic production alone. In addition, developing countries may struggle with weak infrastructure and incur significant losses during post-harvest management. Consequently, these nations are faced with the dual challenge of minimizing losses while increasing productivity in rice farming. To address these issues, advances have been made in developing rice varieties that not only yield more but also enhance the nutritional value of rice.

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Advances and innovations in rice farming technology

Despite the many advancements in agricultural technology, climate change and population growth have put rice production and supply security at risk in recent years. In response, there has been a global revolution in rice cultivation techniques to meet these challenges. Whereas past efforts focused on improving varieties, today’s innovative farming methods, which incorporate advanced technologies such as precision agriculture and smart farming, are gaining traction. These methods include the use of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to maintain optimal crop conditions like moisture and nutrients, precision farm monitoring with drones, and yield prediction through big data analysis—all of which are gradually being adopted on a wider scale.

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Revolutioning rice production with TYM’s advanced rice transplanter

Any discussion of innovations in rice cultivation inevitably includes advancements in rice transplanters. State-of-the-art transplanters significantly lighten the burden of labor on farmers, greatly increasing productivity in the rice industry. At the forefront of this technology is TYM's latest transplanter, the RGO-690DLS.

The RGO-690DLS is the first self-driving rice harvester to pass Korea’s national certification inspection, and its RTK GNSS server system enables high-precision operation within a 2-centimeter static error and a 7-centimeter working error. Compared to the previous generation model, the RGO-690DLS boasts more than three times the accuracy, while reducing work time by more than 16%. In addition, it has greatly improved operator convenience with an electronic instrument panel, large-capacity transparent fertilizer bin, and herbicide and pesticide-spraying functions to reduce labor.


Achieving rice productivity and quality with precision farming

The RGO-690DLS's technological excellence enables it to perform uniformly at all times, regardless of the operator's skill level, greatly improving precision throughout the rice cultivation process. This leads to increased productivity by precisely sowing rice seedlings at regular intervals and minimizing duplication of effort and seed loss, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and quality, and undeniably making farmers' lives easier.

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TYM's role in shaping the future of rice production

Rice is at the heart of global food security. In that sense, it’s essential to meet its growing demand and overcome the threat of climate change by improving rice varieties and innovating cultivation techniques. TYM develops and distributes state-of-the-art transplanter technology to improve the productivity and quality of rice farming. Precision agriculture will be the key to boosting rice production and quality while using fewer resources, helping the world to share safer food in abundance.

TYM is dedicated to enhancing farmers’ quality of life and putting more food on the table for all of us, and our innovative agricultural machinery is at the center of this transformation. To learn more about TYM transplanters, contact your local TYM Dealer or visit the TYM website.


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