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Story Others April 19, 2024

Discover the benefits of being a TYM tractor Dealer

With numerous tractor brands available, we understand that choosing the right one to represent is a major decision that requires careful research and consideration. That is why we treat each partnership with great honor and responsibility. Becoming a TYM Dealer means joining a legacy over 70 years in the making. As a TYM Dealer, you'll have access to a network comprising over 300 Dealers in North America and more than 200+ globally. With TYM, you can be sure that your journey as a Dealer will be one filled with enriching training, a supportive network, distinguished recognition, and enjoyable conferences and Dealer showcases.

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Why should you become a TYM Dealer?

Don’t just take our word for it. There’s a reason why TYM was awarded the #1 Dealer's Choice Award in North America for the fourth consecutive year by North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA). In a region where major brands like John Deere, Kubota, and Yanmar have a longstanding presence, our achievement is a mark of TYM’s significant footprint in a highly competitive market. The recent merger of TYM and Branson Tractors (Kukje Machinery) has further enhanced our service capabilities, product offerings, and parts supply chain, adding more value for Dealers. TYM's high ratings in the NAEDA survey across 12 operational aspects, including product quality and customer service, reflect our strong Dealer support and satisfaction.


A wide range of products for every customer need

TYM's commitment to expanding our product lineup ensures Dealers have a diverse range of high-quality tractors and agricultural machinery to meet customer demand. Whether your customers are hobbyists looking for our Series 1 sub-compact tractors or professionals in need of our flagship T130 utility tractor, TYM is sure to have a product that addresses their unique needs.


Comprehensive support and resources

Once you’re part of the TYM team, you’ll receive seamless support transitioning into selling TYM tractors. Authorized TYM Dealers are provided with a wealth of materials and resources needed to effectively sell TYM products. This includes an initial shipment of stocking parts, parts catalogs, owner’s manuals, and other literature related to the current TYM tractor lineup.


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Expert training to elevate Dealer skills and talents

Joining the TYM team gives you access to extensive training designed to prepare you for the technical aspect of working as a Dealer through our Chief Engineer Program. Ideal for TYM Dealers and technicians with a background or strong interest in mechanical or agricultural engineering, the program provides unique challenges and growth opportunities. It includes both virtual and hands-on assessments, focused on tractor operation, inspection, diagnosis, and repair, and highlights our commitment to developing and empowering talent in the agricultural machinery sector.

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Sales and marketing assistance with TYM Dealer Brand Center

To further support our Dealers, we’ve created the TYM Dealer Brand Center, a comprehensive resource hub. It provides product information, marketing and sales materials, and operational support to help you serve customers and sell TYM tractors effectively. The Dealer Brand Center includes a range of tools and resources to provide exceptional service and brand representation. Log in and browse the Dealer Brand Center How-to Guide for a general overview of the platform. Check out the latest “Pulse,” or short-form content, delivering the latest, most relevant news from TYM and our Dealer network. Connect to the Dealer Help Desk to request specialized materials or urgent inquiries.

*Please note that access to the TYM Dealer Brand Center links is limited to current TYM Dealers.


TYM’s ongoing commitment to Dealer success

Choosing TYM means joining a legacy of manufacturing excellence. Our strategy extends beyond North America, engaging Dealers in our global market strategies and product developments to foster and maintain a unified brand presence. With TYM's unwavering dedication to training and service excellence, we continue to stay on the forefront of agricultural manufacturing. For more details about how you can become a TYM Dealer, visit the Dealer pages on the TYM website.

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