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Press Corporate May 12, 2023

"Advancing towards cutting-edge digital agriculture from home” TYM's autonomous driving agricultural machinery system passes national inspection

  • T130 tractor and rice transplanter (RGO-690) pass national certification simultaneously
  • Independent development of software such as INS and path planning, following, and hardware such as controllers and consoles
  • Plan to expand to various agricultural machinery such as combines and field management machines as well as other tractor models in the future.
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TYM has once again proven itself as a leading company in the industry by being recognized for its autonomous driving system technology.

TYM announced on the 12th that it has passed the national certification inspection for the autonomous driving systems of its tractor "T130" and rice transplanter "RGO-690," becoming the first in the industry to do so simultaneously. This achievement further highlights TYM's vision of advanced precision agriculture based on digital data.

TYM independently developed not only software such as Inertial Navigation System (INS), path generation, and path following - the core technologies of the autonomous driving system - but also hardware such as the autonomous driving controller and console. Through this, TYM has secured the technology for an autonomous driving system using Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS.

In addition, TYM is looking for autonomous driving experience teams for customers who purchase the tractor (T130) and rice transplanter (RGO-690). Those who purchase each product will receive the autonomous driving system, MYTYM-D.A.V.E, for free. The deadline for signing up for the experienced teams is until June, but the event may end early if the stock runs out.

Last year in June, TYM focused intensively on conducting pilot services for autonomous driving tractors and rice transplanters in the Jeolla and Gyeongsang areas. Based on the data collected at the time, TYM focused on developing a product that can be easily used safely by various user groups, regardless of gender, age, or experience level, in any work environment.

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With the recent national conformity test passing, TYM plans to focus on developing technology that is reliable and easy to use, while improving safety features for autonomous agricultural machinery. In particular, the goal is to secure a work driving path error of up to ±7cm based on a stopping position accuracy of ±2cm, which will increase both the convenience of use for farmers and agricultural income.

As the commercial development of autonomous driving systems progresses, it is expected to expand to various fields that use satellite signals. TYM plans to develop and expand the application of autonomous driving systems not only to various tractor models but also to agricultural types of machinery such as combine harvesters and field management machines. TYM also aims to focus on the autonomous driving technology that farmers actually need and to develop a fully unmanned agricultural machine that incorporates obstacle recognition and avoidance technology through AI.

"By successfully applying the same autonomous driving control algorithm to different types of vehicles such as large tractors and tillers, we have once again confirmed our position as a leading company in autonomous driving agricultural machinery technology in Korea," said CEO Dohoon Kim of TYM Corporation. He also said, "We will continue to build a precision agriculture system that allows farmers to operate more conveniently and comfortably from their homes or offices."


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