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Series 4

The Series 4 tractors balance the best features from the TYM compact and utility ranges, with optimized dimensions and maximized lift capabilities. An efficient engine and a larger fuel tank make these tractors ideal for for semi-private to commercial scale challenges, including land clearing and livestock management.

Balancing power and productivity with maximized maneuverability

The Series 4 tractors have a high lift capacities for the hitch and optional loader, making them ideal to carry heavier loads and connect to larger implements and attachments. With a premium operator cabin complete with joystick controls for loaders and remote valves for rear implements, drivers are supported with the comfort needed to perform tasks productively.

Maneuverability and power come together in these machines, equipped to take on a range of medium to heavy-duty applications, from managing farm animals efficiently and clearing your land, to moving material for a development and powering larger turf care projects.

Most popular applications

  • Livestock & Poultry

  • Land Clearing & Forestry

  • Material Handling

  • Landscaping

Equipping you to manage animals efficiently

With powerful lift capabilities and a premium operator cabin, a durable Dig holes to build enclosures with a post-hole digger, unload feed in troughs using a front-end loader, lift and haul hay with bale spears, and clear waste with a back-blade. Whether you want to build and maintain a chicken coop, barn or stable, a TYM Compact Utility tractor brings you the multi-functional capabilities to cover the entire farm.

Clearing your land to maintain and grow your development

With greater lift capabilities, a sturdy axle configuration and a smaller frame, a TYM compact utility tractor is equipped to maneuver around and lift obstacles in your path. From grappling dead plants and rocks to lifting away debris and uprooted tree stumps, this tractor helps maintain your land or clear it for your next development.


Moving the material you need to get the job done

With impressive front and hitch lift capabilities and equivalent forward and reverse transmission gears, a TYM compact utility tractor equips you with the power and control to complete all types of material handling jobs. Compatible with implements like front-end loaders, pallet forks, grapples, trailers and more, this tractor can move gravel for road building, palleted bricks for construction, hay bales for livestock and much more.

Delivering the power you want on your turf

With higher fuel capacity, a more efficient engine, enhanced implement controls and faster traveling speeds, a TYM Compact Utility tractor covers turf care from community parks to golf courses. In addition to maintenance with mowers and sprayers, this tractor helps develop bare land into growing lawns. Clear weeds with a rotary cutter, level bare ground with a rake, prepare soil with an aerator and spread seeds evenly with a spreader.


Equipped with features to enhance versatility and productivity

With optimized implement linkages and flexible controls, this tractor has the capabilities to complete a variety of jobs, whether big or small. Complete with an intuitive console and a premium cabin, operators have the tools and the comfort to drive productivity.

Offering more torque with fewer revs compared to competitors in its class, tractors in this series come with Yanmar or Kukje engines, engineered to maximize fuel efficiency.
High-efficiency diesel engines
High capacity fuel tanks allow drivers to take on longer jobs without stopping for fuel. Combined with the engine, these tractors promote fuel-efficient operation and lower cycle times.
 High capacity fuel tank for time-intensive work
Operators can easily activate core functions of the tractor from the main console, including the PTO on/off switch. Detailed digital alerts and indications give operators at-a-glance understanding of the tractor.
Interior detailing to promote operator comfort
These tractors offer entry and exit from either side and host all the modern amenities for operator comfort. With greater visibility, heating and A/C as standard, operators can be productive, safe and comfortable in all kinds of weather.
Deluxe cabin with climate control
3rd function or 6-port valve options on the rear of the tractor allow implements of different functions to be controlled easily. The hitch lift capacity allows for trailers used in row crop farming or material handling, which can be fit with hydraulic brakes.
Hydraulic valves for add-on functionality

Want to drive more power? Try one level up

Explore our Series 5 tractors, balancing size and power to cover more ground and perform medium-to-heavy duty tasks productively.

Want to drive more power? Try one level up