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Combineharvester Featuredimage CX4075 1400Px V2
Combineharvester Featuredimage CX4075 1400Px V2

CX4075 Harvesters

  • Engine power
    75 ps
  • Reaping width
    1410 mm

With an intelligent half-feeding mechanism, the CX4075 combine harvester enables complete separation of the stalk and the grain.

Helping you get the most out of your harvest

TYM combines are among the most preferred machines for harvesting in commercial farming operations, particularly for crops on dry land.

With versatile functionality in a durable design, this combine harvester offers the productivity you need to speed up your harvesting process.

Image Verticle

Powered by an efficient engine that produces high torque at low-to-medium rpms, this half-feed combine harvester enables a faster harvest with a greater yield.

With a wide crawler and high lug height, the combine harvester has good ground clearance in wet field work. The half feeding mechanism also reduces the number of broken stalks and minimizes waste, enabling the large-capacity threshing drum to separates the grain more efficiently.

Image Wide
1. Tank level indicator
2. Power steering lever
3. Throttle lever
4. Auger control panel
5. Multifunctional HST lever
6. Incline control dial
*The current model is for illustrative purposes only. Available products, features, and specifications may vary depending on your region.

All the right features to get the job done

Work effectively and maximize your yield with a TYM combine harvester. Achieve results faster with a powerful high-torque engine. Control implements easily with an easy-access operator panel. All while stay productive and energized in an ergonomically designed cabin.

Equipped with a top-of-the-line engine that meets emissions regulations. The engine delivers maximum output in its class, low vibration, and low noise for work.
75 HP clean engine
A specially heat-treated straw cutting blade wears out less often and cuts cleanly even over long hours of work.
Super durable hay cutter
The high performance straw discharge transport chain ejects hay faster after threshing without creating blockages.
Efficient hay discharge chain
Finely control the reaper's height, and the direction of the reaper with the lever to allow for more complete harvesting
Fine adjustment lever
The screen spins to remove dust and particles to keep the radiator unobstructed.
Rotating radiator screen
In the event of an emergency, the engine can be stopped immediately by pressing the emergency stop switch for added safety.
Emergency stop switch

Technical specifications

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Engine manufacturer TYM A2400TCI1 Deutz TCD3.6L4 Deutz TCD3.6L4
Type Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine
Gross engine power 75 ps | 55 kW 136 ps | 100 kW 136 ps | 100 kW
Rated engine speed 2600 rpm
Displacement 2392 cu. in. 221 cu. in. 221 cu. in.
Fuel tank 65 l 105 l 105 l
traveling system
Crawler width 450 mm 600 mm 550 mm
Crawler grounding length 1500 mm 1825 mm 1825 mm
Crawler tread 1025 mm 1200 mm 1150 mm
Working speed 1.7 m/s 1.75 m/s 2.04 m/s
reaping section
Reaping row 4 7 6
Reel (dia. x width) - - -
Reaping width 1410 mm 2241 mm 1991 mm
No. of speeds 3 Range 2 Range HST 2 Range HST
threshing section
Threshing drum (dia. x width) 446 x 900 mm 462 x 1250 mm 462 x 1250 mm
Rated threshing speed 524 rpm 527 rpm 527 rpm
Grain tank capacity 1400 l 2000 l 2000 l
dimensions & weights
Overall length 4385 mm 5050 mm 4830 mm
Overall width 2000 mm 2490 mm 2235 mm
Overall height 2440 mm 2680 mm 2680 mm
Min. ground clearance 170 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Weight 3565 kg 5270 kg 5160 kg
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