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Story ESG March 13, 2023

Actionable ways to celebrate women farmers on International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women's Day in March, we recognize the significant contributions women have made in the field of agriculture. Since the dawn of agriculture, women have grown crops and raised animals. By recognizing their achievements and supporting women farmers through education, we can celebrate women in agriculture year-round. Here are some actionable ways to support and foster women's crucial role in farming, food production, and rural development.

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Educate yourself on the history of women’s rights

Knowledge can spark action. Educating yourself and those around you about the history of women’s rights in your region can be transformative. For Americans, it might be learning about the Women’s Rights Movement that started in the mid-19th century. Those living in Korea might explore programs and policies from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to see if public policy is aligned with the needs of society. Advocacy starts with knowledge, and knowledge amplifies your voice. To help empower women-led farms and businesses, get to know the history and culture of women in agriculture first.


Buy from women-owned farms and agri-businesses

Worldwide, women still earn 37% less than men in similar roles, but lower wages are just the tip of the iceberg. Women farmers face numerous challenges, including limited access to resources and markets. To help level the field, we can buy products from women-led farms or invest in programs that support women farmers.

Women farmers are as diverse as they come. Some may be hobbyists using sub-compact tractors on the weekends, while others may be at the helm of industrial farms. To quickly find women-led farms in your region, search for women farmers and your city as a start and you can often find results specific to cities like San Francisco and Washington DC. Still no leads? Reach out to your local farmer’s market or nearest Small Business Administration, like the US SBA which runs the Women’s Business Center Program in nearly every US state. Being intentional about procuring goods from women-owned farms can be uplifting to women farmers and promote gender equality in agriculture.


Create more programs targeting women in farming

Gender equality is critical for sustainable agriculture and rural development. We can support and foster women farmers by advocating for policies that promote gender equality in agriculture. Advocacy can come in many forms. It can include events, funds, and other initiatives that ensure women have equal access to resources, land, and markets. Education is essential for women farmers to increase their productivity and competitiveness. Workshops, training sessions, and webinars provide women farmers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Women farmers and their supporters alike should engage with local lawmakers and government agencies for guidance and support. Farmers can consult directly with the right government agencies to get the latest information on financial support. From the USDA grants in the US and MAFRA subsidies in Korea, many countries around the world have a department dedicated to advancing women in agriculture.


Recognize women farmers—and raise the next generation to do the same

Change can come through grants and education, but to create a sustainable change for the future of women in agriculture, we have to act with urgency and intention. A single month of the year to celebrate women is not enough. Parents, educators, and professionals alike must be dedicated to introducing stories of women into their traditions and curriculum. We can highlight the achievements of women farmers, agricultural scientists, and food entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the field. Celebrating women farmers might be sharing bedtime stories about trailblazing women in agriculture or assigning a project based on books about women farmers. This will not only recognize the efforts of these incredible women but also inspire young girls to consider a future in agriculture.

How TYM celebrates women and promotes diversity

International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate women's contributions to agriculture. At TYM, we believe that gender equality and a culture of inclusion are key to enhancing a company’s ability to adapt to change and sustain growth. In 2021, two out of the three external directors appointed to TYM’s board of directors were female. As a part of our ongoing efforts, TYM has pledged to increase the proportion of women in our leadership. We aim for diversity in hiring employees and joining forces with partners, including TYM dealers. We prioritize underrepresented farmers, including women and young people, in the TYM’s tractor donation program. Everyone can do their part to help empower women in agriculture and promote sustainable food production, and this is just the start for TYM. To read more about TYM’s commitment to diversity, visit our Sustainability page and read the latest TYM ESG report.

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