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Technology Corporate February 28, 2023

Explore the new and improved TYM World Online

Last fall, we unveiled the launch of TYM World Online, an interactive environment within the TYM website that allows you to explore a world powered by our tractors. Now, we’re excited to announce some of the changes and improvements to TYM World Online that brings you even closer to TYM tractors.

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So how exactly does TYM World Online work? As before, the journey starts at explore.tym.world where you can see TYM tractors performing a range of tasks across various environments. Depending on the device you’re using, you can use your cursor or fingers to rotate and pan to explore different applications. From there, you can select recommended tractors and build your own for your unique needs.

Whoever you are, and whatever your needs, TYM World Online invites you to envision how a TYM tractor would make your life easier and your work more efficient. Choose the tractor for the job, configure it for your needs, then request a quote for your customized tractor from your nearest TYM dealer before you set foot inside one. Read on to find out more about some of the latest updates to the 3D tractor experience.

The full lineup at your fingertips

The biggest update to TYM World Online is that it now includes the full TYM tractor catalog, including former Branson (Kukje Machinery) tractors models. As of January 2023, Branson and Kukje Machinery tractors have been fully integrated into the TYM tractor family worldwide. This means that you have more options for your every need—all in one spot.

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See more without scrolling

In this version of TYM World Online, we’ve made it easier to explore more of our popular tractors under each application or environment by creating a grid menu that you can scroll through. It’s intuitive and it helps you find what you need without requiring much effort.

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Visualize each application with a TYM tractor in action

TYM World Online is designed to help you explore the versatility of TYM tractors through various applications. To bring these tasks to life, we’ve replaced previous icons with photographs of actual TYM tractors in action. Now, if you want to visualize how a TYM tractor can be used at an airport, just click on the Airstrip and see it in action.

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No changes to your favorite features

The core features of TYM World Online remain unchanged: You can customize for your every need, discover features on any device, and experience the full journey, from research to quotation.

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Launch TYM World Online on your PC or smartphone, and explore any product in 3D while browsing details about its features and getting the full specs breakdown. The tractor configurator allows users to customize the tractor with different parts, options, and attachments such as front-end loaders, backhoes, and tires. Whether you're shopping around for a tractor or selling them, customers and dealers now have easy access to all the tools they need to find the perfect TYM tractor.

Ever find yourself overwhelmed by the process of researching and buying tractors? Now you don’t have to be. Explore tractor features in detail and even send a quote request to a local TYM dealer—all from the comfort of your mobile device. TYM World Online is your full-service, in-pocket guide to the world of TYM tractors. Visit explore.tym.world to experience the latest version of TYM World Online now.

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