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Story Tractor December 20, 2023

TYM’s Tractor Donation Program: Empowering young dreams and rural development

In our commitment to nurturing the next generation of farmers, TYM recently celebrated the success of its fourth Young Farmers Tractor Donation Program. This annual tradition has evolved into more than just a corporate donation program; it symbolizes TYM's dedication to revitalizing rural Korea and bolstering the agricultural sector.

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In 2023, TYM marked a new milestone by selecting 16 aspiring young farmers to receive the T48 and K48 compact tractors (Series 2 Korean models) to support their farming practices and bring their vision to life. These young adults represent the future of Korean agriculture, and these state-of-the-art TYM tractors represent our vision of integrating technology with tradition to create a more sustainable future. These highly maneuverable tractors are not only known for their durability and efficiency, they also feature functions that empower work in tight spaces.

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The selected recipients of the TYM Series 2 tractors gathered at the TYM Iksan Factory on December 13 for the tractor donation ceremony where TYM CEO Kim Do-hoon emphasized the long-term vision of our many projects and initiatives. Donating tractors is not just a corporate gesture, but a community-building effort, connecting experienced farmers with the new wave of youth turning to the fields.

Our dedication to fostering the community extends beyond young adults. Just a day before the young farmer tractor donation ceremony, the Chungbuk Provincial Government had honored TYM as an Outstanding Company for Elderly Employment Creation. By supporting elder and veteran farmers alongside nurturing new leaders, we help maintain a cycle of expertise and stewardship in the agricultural sector. Moving forward, we have plans to expand our young farmer initiatives, exploring and enhancing support programs to help young farmers settle in rural Korea and thrive in agriculture. This endeavor reflects TYM's broader vision of a sustainable agricultural industry, supported by a community of empowered, tech-savvy young farmers.

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TYM’s donation program is designed to nurture the dreams and ambitions of young farmers, who are shaping the future of Korean agriculture. Through the years, this program has become an unwavering testament to our faith in the potential of rural Korea and the future of a nation. By investing in the dreams of these young individuals, TYM will continue to sow the seeds for a promising future.

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