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Press Corporate October 21, 2021

TYM will participate in Sunbelt AG EXPO, GIE+EXPO, the largest agricultural machinery exhibition in North America… With a tractor with innovative technology

TYM introduced tractors with innovative technologies such as the new T130 for the North American.

Two Image
Two Image

‘Sunbelt AG EXPO’, an agricultural expo that showcases cutting-edge agricultural technology, and ‘GIE+EXPO’, the largest equipment fair in the United States, are large-scale exhibitions where major agricultural machinery brands from all over the world, as well as North America, exhibit. At this year's exhibition, TYM displayed a lineup of tractors ranging in horsepower from 19 to 130 horsepower, including the T130 tractor, a major new product for 2021.

This exhibition was an opportunity to introduce TYM's innovative technologies and products to customers around the world, including the US market, which has a large agricultural sector. TYM operated indoor and outdoor booths for two days and interacted with various consumers and buyers.

With this exhibition as an opportunity, TYM has emerged as a global agricultural machinery manufacturer representing Korea and promoting outstanding agricultural technology. In the future, we plan to continue our reputation as a leading agricultural machinery company in Korea through continuous new product development, preemptive market response, and expansion of the proportion of high value-added products.

Meanwhile, TYM's new T130 tractor for 2021 was shown for the first time abroad through this exhibition. The T130 tractor is TYM's flagship model with powerful performance, sophisticated design, and premium convenience specifications. It can perform high-intensity work stably by applying a high-output Deuts engine with 129 horsepower and a Bosch hydraulic control system. In addition, it can be used in various fields such as farmland reclamation and tillage work, transporting and loading heavy materials, etc.

Hogyeom Kim, Head of Overseas Sales Division of TYM said, “Participating in Sunbelt AG EXPO and GIE+EXPO, the largest agricultural machinery exhibitions in North America, was a valuable opportunity to showcase the excellence of TYM products to overseas customers outside of Korea. We will repay our customers with high-quality products and services.”

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