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Press ESG July 28, 2021

TYM published the industry's first ESG Report

TYM announced on the 28th that it has published a report called 'TYM ESG Report 2020', which contains ESG(Environmental, Social, and Governance) management strategies and major achievements.
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TYM declared ESG management for the first time in the agricultural machinery industry in February. Since then, the company has established an in-house ESG committee and secretariat to establish and implement a long-term ESG plan, and through this ESG Report, its achievements and future vision have been revealed.

The Report, along with introduction of companies and products, consists of key issues on sustainability, environment, social, governance, and activities in each sector.

The Sustainability highlight part introduces TYM's ESG vision and importance assessment matrix called "innovative legacy for the next generation," and 26

The Environment part continuously monitors greenhouse gas emissions and energy use to cope with climate change, established a MoU with SENsolution Co., Ltd., an ECO-friendly energy company, to manage water pollutants, and analyzed energy use by process in May.

In the social sector, it contains information on the construction of a disaster control tower system and social contribution activities. tim established a disaster control tower to prepare for and support accidents and natural disasters that could occur suddenly at the enterprise level, and safety accidents for the safety and health of businesses and customers.

The Governance part ensured diversity and independence of the board and strengthened the expertise of outside directors to establish a sound governance structure. It also formed an ESG committee within the board of directors to establish a system to ensure sustainable growth.

TYM plans to establish an ESG governance and performance management system, respond to disclosures and external evaluations, and participate in various international agreements. Through continuous ESG management, the goal is to achieve 30% of sustainable products by 2024, 80% of ESG's best-rated partners, and to achieve CARBON NET-ZERO by 2040.

Kim Do-hoon, CEO of TYM, said, "To mark the 70th anniversary of its foundation this year, we have declared a new vision of 'designed for your world' to keep up with the trend of the times and create a future world that customers want."

Meanwhile, TYM's ESG Report was produced in pdf format, not in paper print, as part of its environmental protection. It is also available in English for global partners and consumers.

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