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Press Corporate August 02, 2023

"Agricultural machinery shipment to Ukraine-Russia border completed" TYM held a ceremony for the second donation to Ukraine totaling 400 million KRW

  • Completed shipment of 14 sets of tractors and implements from the Okcheon factory - the second donation after last year's KRW 500 million donation
  • Revitalization efforts utilizing emergency rescue in war-impacted Kherson region for village reconstruction and restoration of community life
  • Continuing our commitment to Ukraine by exploring ongoing support strategies, aligned with our global corporate responsibility
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TYM announced on the 2nd that they have completed the shipment of agricultural machinery from their Okcheon factory to Ukraine and held a donation ceremony.

Following last year's donation, TYM conducted its second donation to support the economic reconstruction of war-affected Ukraine and organized this event. In May of last year, TYM's CEO Dohoon Kim and Yulia Svyrydenko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine, met and signed a donation agreement, leading to subsequent actions.

The ceremony held at the TYM Okcheon factory was attended by TYM representatives, Taras Fedunkiv, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in Korea, and other dignitaries. They expressed their hopes for the swift recovery of the struggling residents in Ukraine and their return to normal daily life. In the absence of Dmytro Ponomarenko, Ambassador of Ukraine, who couldn't attend the event, he conveyed his gratitude through a donation certificate.

The donated products are tractors and excavators ranging from 20 to 60 horsepower, including the 2505H, F50R, and 6225C, with a total value of 400 million KRW. The products can be used for a variety of purposes in agricultural activities, as well as construction and construction sites, and are expected to help rebuild Ukraine and improve the daily lives of local residents. TYM did not stop with the product donation but also sent key parts to ensure immediate action to maintain and repair the machines.

The donated products that have arrived in Ukraine are destined to play a vital role in the rehabilitation of Kherson, a city positioned on the frontlines, sharing a border with Russia, and recognized as one of the hardest-hit urban centers of the ongoing conflict. These provisions are set to be channeled through the 'KHERSON REGIONAL MUNICIPAL EMERGENCY RESCUE SERVICE,' aiming to contribute to the recovery efforts of Kherson, which endured occupation by Russian forces in the early months of last year but was reclaimed in November of the same year. This region remains in a critical state, warranting urgent assistance.

TYM has plans to continue supplying essential components for the tractors donated from last year to this year through Poland. With a strong commitment to post-donation management, the company remains dedicated to exploring ongoing avenues for supporting Ukraine.

Mykola Kuzhelnyi, Deputy Head of the Kherson Regional Investment Export Development Office, expressed gratitude for TYM's support and assistance, stating, "We appreciate TYM's dedication and assistance. We look forward to achieving even more accomplishments through continued collaboration with TYM."

A TYM representative stated, "We have contributed a total of 900 million KRW worth of agricultural machinery and cash to Ukraine, along with relief supplies worth 240 million KRW, including tractors and equipment, to Turkey, which suffered from earthquake damage this year. We are committed to social restoration and will continue to provide substantial support wherever it is needed, both domestically and internationally, as part of our global corporate social responsibility."

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