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Press Corporate July 03, 2023

"Customer Satisfaction Service: Experts Visiting Your Doorstep" TYM implements complimentary on-site inspections for 2 years after agricultural machinery purchase

- Actively reflecting the field's requirements through VOC collection and monitoring at dealer locations after integration.
Preventive maintenance for tractors, combines, rice transplanters, and complimentary support for certain parts for two visits within two years after purchase.
- TYM will continue to listen to the feedback from the field and provide practical assistance to farmers through tailored services.

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TYM Enhances Customer-Centric Operations by Proactively Incorporating Customer Feedback.
On the 3rd, TYM announced the implementation of a complimentary on-site inspection service for customers who have made purchases, starting from July 1st until January 1st, 2023. This service will be provided twice within a two-year period.
In response to the sluggish market caused by the global economic downturn during the endemic era, TYM aims to revitalize the market by introducing this complimentary field service program. As a result, TYM customers will now benefit from high-quality service delivered by experts who visit their farms directly.

This service is provided to customers who have purchased any tractors, combine, and rice transplanters models, with the exception of John Deere tractors, as part of a separate promotion. The primary goal is to minimize inconvenience and service waiting times caused by unexpected agricultural machinery breakdowns. The service aims to enhance overall satisfaction by providing complimentary replacement of consumable parts such as engine oil and filters, as well as conducting up to 37 inspections and maintenance items.
The "On-Site Service" promotion has been enhanced based on data-driven insights gained from the existing complementary field inspections. It is expected to minimize customer inconvenience by establishing a process to directly collect and address customer feedback on-site.

The on-site inspection service can be requested through the dealers and agricultural cooperatives, or by contacting the TYM at tym.world.

A TYM representative stated, "By utilizing the on-site service, customers can benefit from pre-inspections, preventive maintenance, and cost savings” adding, “We will continue to listen to the feedback from the field and actively incorporate it to provide practical assistance to farmers. Our goal is to proactively support farmers by reducing the costs and streamlining the processes of agricultural machinery management."


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