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Press Corporate May 19, 2023

"Unleashing the Era of Smart Technology in Sustainable Agriculture” TYM's CEO, Dohoon Kim, Invited as a Speaker at the 2023 Asian Leadership Conference (ALC)

  • CEO Dohoon Kim participated as a speaker in the "Agricultural Innovation Unleashed by Artificial Intelligence (AI)” session... Exploring the era of intelligent farming through AI.
  • Emphasized the digital transformation of agriculture for overcoming food crises caused by population growth and establishing a sustainable ecosystem.
  • TYM will continue to develop personalized future technologies, beyond big data-based AI systems and autonomous farming machinery.
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TYM, a company specializing in agricultural machinery, announced on the 18th that CEO Dohoon Kim was invited as a speaker to the "Asian Leadership Conference (ALC)" hosted by the Chosun Ilbo at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

As a speaker in the "Agricultural Innovation Unleashed by Artificial Intelligence (AI)” session, CEO Dohoon Kim participated alongside other speakers, including Professor Yong-ju Kim from Chungnam National University, who chaired the session, Professor Noboru Noguchi from Hokkaido University, and Engineer Kentaro Matsuura from Sony R&D Center. Together, they shared diverse opinions on the innovation of agricultural technology incorporating smart technologies to enhance agricultural productivity.

TYM CEO Do-hoon Kim stated, "Smart technologies based on artificial intelligence will play a significant role in overcoming future food crises caused by population growth and achieving sustainability in agriculture. In particular, the development of precision agriculture, driven by AI, will not only alleviate the labor burden on farmers but also reduce labor costs, ensuring excellent profitability.”

Furthermore, he emphasized “the importance of lowering entry barriers for farmers to adopt AI-integrated agricultural machinery through initiatives such as technology education and information sharing” adding, “Building trust with farmers and stakeholders is important”. CEO Dohoon Kim further commented, "By collaborative efforts, we can quickly commercialize smart technologies and accelerate the realization of the digital farming era.”

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TYM has been gaining attention for achievements in creating various precision farming environments such as telematics and autonomous driving through its ICT subsidiary, TYMICT. Recently, TYM has made significant progress in digital agriculture by becoming the first in the agricultural machinery industry to simultaneously pass the national certification tests for the autonomous driving systems of both the T130 tractor and the RGO-690 rice transplanters. TYM continues to discover the future of digital farming.

On the other hand, the ALC stands as a premier international event in Asia, dedicated to discussing major challenges facing modern society and seeking solutions. This year, embracing the theme of "Times of Transformation: Seeking the Path of Collaboration and Innovation," was held for two days from the 17th to the 18th of this month. CEO Dohoon Kim Dohoon has been invited for three consecutive years, starting from 2021 to this year.

During this ALC, President Suk Yeol Yoon and Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine who recently visited Korea, delivered opening speeches.

Various perspectives were exchanged among notable figures from both domestic and international, including Ki-moon Ban, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Hee-ryong Won, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.

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