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Press Corporate July 28, 2023

"A confluence of South Korea's agricultural machinery heritage and the next generation" TYM holds '2023 FUTURE CUP' tractor design contest award ceremony

  • A celebration of diverse ideas competing to propose the vision of next-generation mobility
  • Jeong-gyu Lim’s futuristic self-driving tractor concept 'TIMO,' featuring a detachable body, receives the prestigious Grand Prize
  • Ongoing commitment to discover and foster innovative ideas from young generations, creating various opportunities for the future
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TYM presents the future vision of agricultural machinery based on 120 years of experience and ideas from Generation Z and millennials.

TYM announced that it held the '2023 TYM FUTURE CUP’ second edition of the tractor design contest, on the 27th, with resounding success.

This year's contest was organized with the theme 'Design Your Attractor,' aiming to discover captivating and future-oriented visions of mobility. Following the success of last year's inaugural competition, which focused on "The Future Agriculture You Imagine and TYM's Next-Generation Tractors," this year's event garnered significant attention with the participation of talented designers from both domestic and international backgrounds.

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Entries, submitted individually or in teams, were evaluated by internal and external experts based on criteria such as originality, aesthetics, relevance to the theme, and overall execution. As a result, one Grand Prize winner, one Best Prize winner, two Excellence Prize winners, and five Encouragement Prize winners were selected. The winners were rewarded with a total of 11.5 million won in prize money, along with special incentives, including an experiential internship opportunity.

The recipient of the Grand Prize, Jeong-gyu Lim, was awarded an honor along with 5 million won for his participation. He proposed the concept of a compact tractor 'TIMO,' which addresses concerns about the declining agricultural population by suggesting a tractor with a detachable body. Drawing inspiration from the necessity of digitization and smart technology in agriculture, Mr. Lim designed an unmanned tractor that anyone can easily operate, equipped with self-driving capability with a separate front body and main body.

TYM's policy is to apply the innovative design ideas from the creative minds of Generation Z and millennials, as showcased in this contest, to the development of revolutionary products. TYM plan to continue collaborating with the imaginative young generation, exchanging ideas, and presenting cutting-edge product technology and designs to lead the way into the future.

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The Grand Prize winner Jeong-gyu Lim expressed his gratitude for, “the meaningful opportunity to reconsider next-generation agriculture and agricultural machinery through this contest”. He shared his ambition “to explore practical designs and present numerous ideas that can benefit the public”.

Chairman Hiyong Kim stated, “This competition provided a significant opportunity to combine the perspectives and creative ideas of the next generation of young visionaries, solidifying TYM's position as a leading brand in digital agriculture.” Chairman also emphasized TYM’s commitment “to continue discovering and exchanging ideas from various domestic and international industries, thereby establishing a new paradigm for next-generation agriculture.”

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