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Story Corporate July 22, 2022

What the TYM - Branson (Kukje Machinery) integration means for you and your tractor

You’ve seen them on the field, at trade shows, or at your local dealers. But you’re about to experience TYM and Branson tractors like never before.

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Starting in July 2022, TYM and Branson tractors will be fully integrated under one TYM brand. Labels may change, but TYM and Branson (Kukje Machinery) are committed to our shared ethos of ceaseless innovation and outstanding customer service. Through this integration, we are able to offer a wider range of product choices, expert services, and unified support to our customers. Find out what this change means for you and your tractor.

A relationship long in the making

Both TYM and Branson (Kukje Machinery) have been a fixture in the international agricultural landscape over the past several decades. Though the two brands are becoming fully integrated now, this union started back in 2016. We are currently in the process of consolidating the brands, corporate functions, and internal resources. Through this integration, we aim to bolster our commitment to innovation and service for our customers worldwide. 

No changes to the products you trust and prices you love

With the TYM and Branson integration, you can expect the pricing structure to remain the same. While the two brands have consolidated under one TYM, this does not mean that tractor parts are now interchangeable. As it stands now, Branson parts are compatible with Branson tractors and TYM parts are compatible with TYM tractors. With that said, you may see more integration between the two product lines in the future.

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Excellent customer support and services

We pride ourselves in excellent customer support, and this integration means you will have better services, and an even bigger product line to choose from. Keep in mind that if you need support with equipment you already have, your current service and warranty will remain the same, and so will its processes. Likewise, any outstanding orders or service requests will be fulfilled as planned. For additional support, you can contact your usual Branson dealer or distributor. While there won’t be any major changes now, there is something everyone can look forward to: soon you will be able to buy and request services for Branson tractors at all TYM dealerships.

As Branson dealerships rebrand into TYM dealerships over the next few months, customers will also be able to access more products at dealers who expand their portfolio under the integrated TYM brand. While we continue the process of consolidating the brands, there is one thing that will remain constant, and that is our unwavering commitment to you.

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