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Press ESG November 02, 2021

TYM wins the first ESG comprehensive evaluation "A grade" in the domestic agricultural machinery industry

The Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS) announced that it achieved ‘A-grade’ in the comprehensive evaluation for the first time in the agricultural machinery industry in ‘2021 ESG evaluation and rating announcement of listed companies’.

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This is a grade higher than the B+ that TYM received last year. According to TYM's evaluation results by sector, the social sector received an A+ grade, up two steps from the previous year, and the environment and governance sector earned a B+ grade.

The ESG evaluation of the Korea Corporate Governance Service is an ESG evaluation index for 765 listed companies in Korea. The fact that TYM received an A grade for the first time in the domestic agricultural machinery industry in this evaluation is the result of being recognized for its various sustainable management activities since it declared ESG management in February.

In particular, the tractor donation project for returning farmers in the social sector and support activities for partner companies received high evaluations. TYM has been promoting the tractor donation project for the second time since last year to revitalize rural areas and promote future agricultural development, helping young farmers who return to farms to manage and settle in stable agriculture. In addition, through the Q-Academy twice a year, we provided preventive education on quality issues for our partners, and actively supported our partners by suggesting four guidelines for fair trade for realizing mutual development.

TYM is also steadily conducting ESG management activities in the environment and safety and health sectors, such as acquiring certification by introducing an environmental management system (ISO 14001) with the goal of becoming the best in the industry. In February 2022, the safety and health management system (ISO 45001) certification will also be obtained. In addition, the roadmap is being implemented with the goal of realizing the ESG vision, such as achieving 80% of the 2040 carbon neutrality and ESG excellent grade partners.

Going forward, TYM plans to make efforts to establish an environmental management process and improve transparency in the governance sector. Kim Do-hoon, President and CEO of TYM, said, “This comprehensive ESG grade A grade evaluation is a recognition of our will and efforts to be reborn as a leading company in the domestic agricultural machinery industry. I will do my best to be reborn.”

Meanwhile, TYM published an ESG report for the first time in the agricultural machinery industry in July of this year, revealing the company's environmental, social, and governance improvement activities and future vision.

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