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Press Corporate July 13, 2022

TYM holds first dealer seminar after integration…Presenting a growth vision to become the #1 agricultural machinery brand

- TYM shared its vision for the future to become the leading domestic brand and to enter the global top 10 with the message of “Bigger World of Tractors”.

- TYM changed the word ‘dealer’ in Korean with a higher-level concept of independent operators in place of past concept of agencies focused on consignment sales.

- TYM will continue responsible management through more advanced product production line maintenance and consolidated and unified customer service.

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TYM (Chairman: Hiyong Kim, CEO: Dohoon Kim / formerly Tongyang Moolsan / 002900), one of South Korea’s leading agricultural machinery companies, announced on July 13th that it had successfully completed its first dealer seminar after the integration on the 12th.

The seminar, attended by about 300 TYM major officials including Chairman Hiyong Kim, CEO Dohoon Kim, and domestic TYM dealers (including former Kukje Machinery dealers), was held to share TYM’s growth strategy and vision for the future to become a global top 10 and domestic #1.

At this seminar, the now-integrated TYM announced its mid-to-long-term growth strategies as well as goals for the next fiscal year with the overarching objective of securing more expertise in the industry. In particular, a responsible management plan through the consolidation and unification of customer service was emphasized.

The term ‘agency’, which had been used to refer to consignment dealers, will be changed to the higher-level concept term of ‘dealer’ to emphasize independent business. TYM plans to introduce a dealer ordering system to promote customer-oriented product manufacture and sales. The product line-up will be expanded and integrated to existing TYM (including former Kukje Machinery products), GMT, and imported products from ISEKI and John Deere.

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The dealer support program will also be enhanced and extended. TYM plans to improve support for high-performing dealers and to secure skillful engineers through training and implementing master’s systems. It will also strengthen its marketing strategies such as expanding customized parts services and operating the TYM Store. In addition, TYM will significantly enhance customer-oriented management by augmenting the consolidated Customer Care Center (CCC) and Regional Service Centers (currently called “local repair centers”).

Hiyong Kim, the Chairman of TYM stated, “We want TYM and dealers to work together as one to find bigger opportunities and take strong steps toward a future where we grow together”. He went on to say, "We will achieve responsible management through fast and in-depth service with stronger service offerings and an expanded parts supply chain.”

Dohoon Kim, CEO of TYM emphasized, “Brand value can be improved through customer value” and stated: “Together with dealers who are the points of contact with customers, TYM will solidify the foundation for shared growth by achieving customer satisfaction not only in the use of products but also in rapid and excellent parts supply and service.”

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