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How-to Tractor December 27, 2022

An introduction to snow removal attachments

Winter is in full gear and cold and snowy weather is beginning to hit all over the Northern hemisphere. We’ve already seen record-breaking temperatures and weather in the UK and North America. Given the extreme weather events of 2022, it’s important to be prepared for the long cold winter months ahead for whatever inclement weather they may bring.

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After snowstorms, relying on expensive snow-clearing services can be frustrating when you need your property cleared immediately. We suggest using your TYM tractor to get the job done quickly while saving on costs. TYM compact tractors offer several advantages when it comes to snow clearing. TYM’s Series 2 and Series 3 tractors combine the maneuverability, performance, and hydraulic systems you need to clear snow after a large snowfall. Furthermore, with a tractor that’s equipped with a heated cabin like the TYM T25, you’ll be shielded from the worst of the elements.

Regarding attachments, there are quite a few that you can choose from for snow removal. There is a number of factors to consider such as the size of the property, budget, and the average snowfall in your area. To help you choose the best type of implement for you and your unique conditions, here’s a list of snow-clearing implements that you can use with your TYM tractor.


Front-end loaders

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This first implement to consider is one that you probably already own, the front-end loader. Although you might be more accustomed to working on dirt or rocks with your front-end loader, this versatile attachment can also be used to plow and pick up piles of snow. An advantage of using a front-end loader is that there’s no added cost in purchasing a new implement, especially one that can only be used for just a few months out of the year. However, there are limitations to this multi-purpose attachment as the bucket can fill up quickly and is not designed to plow snow.


Snow pushers

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Snow pushers are the simplest implements that can help you clear snow off your property, designed to purely push snow forward. They can push more volume than front-end loaders and are equipped with steel or rubber scraper edges to protect the surfaces they operate on. Also, there are no moving parts with snow pushers which means that maintenance costs are low. Considering that snow pushers are limited to only pushing forward, this limitation leads to more maneuvering and reversing to line your tractor up for snow-clearing passes.


Angled plows

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For those looking for more efficiency, plows are the better option for clearing snow. Angled plows are equipped with hydraulics that can angle the plow to push snow out to the side. This feature comes in especially handy when operating in tight spaces like driveways. Although plows and snow pushers are simple and easy to operate, they require considerable power when dealing with large amounts of snow. When dealing with large areas of land or large amounts of snow, a snow blower might be your best option.


Snow blowers

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Snow blowers are attached either on the front or the rear of the tractor and are powered by the PTO for added efficiency. While they’re more expensive and mechanically complicated than front-end loaders or angled plows, these implements are designed to be the most efficient tool to clear snow as quickly as possible. As snow blowers don’t rely on the tractor’s powertrain and forward motion to remove snow, the operator can clear large areas swiftly without making multiple passes. Due to their high purchasing and maintenance costs, snow blowers are best suited for large properties or regions with high average snowfall.


Take on the winter with a TYM tractor

When there’s too much snow on the ground for manual shoveling, your tractor is your best solution. For large property owners, sometimes a tractor is the only solution. Whether you’re clearing a driveway or large swaths of land, TYM has the machinery you need for the task. To find out how TYM tractors and attachments can help you tackle the snow this season, contact a nearby TYM dealer or browse our lineup of tractors and configure your own on our interactive TYM World.

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