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Comparison Tractor November 25, 2022

Advantages and benefits of the TYM T394 compact tractor over its competitor

What do you look for in a tractor? Power? Range? Maneuverability? What if you could have all of the above? Meet the TYM T394, one of TYM’s most popular compact tractors that spares no effort when it comes to performance. Beloved by everyone from homesteaders to warehouse operators, this compact tractor has got it all. Read on to see why the T394 has become a perennial favorite among the tractor community.

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It’s tough with a powerful engine and impressive lift capacity

Don’t let looks fool you. While its outer frame may point to a compact size, the high engine and PTO horsepower of the TYM T394 enable you to take on a range of tough tasks from landscaping to snow plowing. Its high-torque, water-cooled Yanmar engine gives you higher horsepower than comparable tractors in its class while minimizing noise and emissions. In addition to the powerful engine, the TYM T394 has a lift capability considerably higher than that of other compact tractors at 1558 lbs—among the highest in its class. Did we mention a 9-gallon fuel tank? The T394’s high-capacity fuel tank allows you to operate for longer periods without refueling so you can have a focused and uninterrupted workflow for maximized productivity.


It’s versatile for whatever job needs to be done

There’s nothing you can’t tackle when your tractor can adapt to your unique needs and surroundings. With a minimized height and a foldable ROPS, the TYM T394 is useful for low-clearance work sites like stables and greenhouses. Tight on space? With a compact frame and small turn radius, the T394 is also a popular model for those looking to maneuver around an orchard or through a crowded warehouse.

And we can’t talk about tractor versatility without mentioning attachments. An optional front-end loader like the TX39H and the BY75 backhoe help you maximize your tractor for all your lifting and digging needs. These tasks of varying difficulty require a responsive hydrostatic transmission like the one available in the T394. These controls deliver a smooth ride by reducing pedaling and steering efforts while you multitask and manage various attachments.

It’s enhanced for comfort and productivity

Unlike other compact tractors in its class like the John Deere 3038E, the TYM T394 is also available with an optional cabin, making it the perfect all-purpose, all-season tractor for all your needs. Built-in touches like the joystick control for the front loader and cruise control for steady steering make your day-to-day chores easier. Simple daily maintenance can extend the life of your tractor, and we’ve made it easier with one-touch hood access providing quick access to the engine and other systems for routine checks, service, and maintenance. The side panel can also be removed easily without specialized tools.

Head-to-head with the TYM T394

Now that you’ve read about its many benefits, see how the TYM T394 measures up against a similar compact tractor like the John Deere 3038E. The specifications below, including the T394’s superior horsepower, lifting capacity, and overall performance, speak for themselves.

Head-to-head with the T394

Compared to the John Deere 3038E, the TYM T394 has similar specifications but offers more advantages in terms of features and capabilities.

TYM T394 John Deere 3038E

Engine Model

Yanmar 3TNV88-CR


Gross Engine Power

37.4 hp | 27.5 kW

36.7 hp | 27.4 kW

No. of cylinders




100.2 cu. in.

95.7 cu in.

PTO Power

30.2 hp | 22.5 kW

30 hp | 22.4 kW

Fuel tank

9.0 gal.

7.5 gal.

Hitch Lifting Capacity
(at 24" behind link ends)

1558 lb | 707 kg

2870 lb. | 1300 kg




No. of speeds



With impressive power and outstanding versatility, TYM T394 is a compact tractor that is big on performance. To find out more about TYM tractors, contact your local TYM dealership or visit TYM World to explore and customize your very own TYM T394 in 3D.

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