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Comparison Tractor December 29, 2022

Why the T25 is the perfect sub-compact tractor for you and your property

Are you in the market for a new sub-compact tractor for property maintenance or light farm work? The Series 1 TYM T25 is a Swiss army knife of a tractor with the performance and features that you might not expect in a tractor of this size. The maneuverability, performance, and versatility are perfect for carrying out chores around small farms and large properties like mowing, hauling materials, digging trenches, and more. Read on to find out how the versatile TYM T25 can meet your needs,

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Exceptional powertrain to drive your needs

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Underneath the sleek hood, the T25 is fitted with an engine sourced from Yanmar, a world-renowned manufacturer of diesel engines. The T25’s 3-cylinder Yanmar 3TNV80F engine delivers an ample 24.7 horsepower and 18.3 horsepower at the PTO. The powerful and efficient engine is mated to a Synchro-Shuttle or a 2-range hydrostatic transmission to transfer power to the wheels. What’s more, the T25 is equipped with dual rear brakes that can lock one side at a time to give you more maneuverability.


Robust hydraulics for greater capabilities

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Impressive lift capacity is a constant across the entire TYM tractor lineup and the T25 is no exception. The T25 is equipped with a single hydraulic pump with a robust lift capacity that even matches the output of dual pump systems. Coupled with optional TYM attachments, the hydraulics give you the versatility you need to accomplish a variety of tasks on your property. Operators can utilize the hydraulics, 3-point hitch, and PTOs to take advantage of a variety of attachments.


Multipurpose attachments for diverse tasks

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The TL25 front-end loader has a large self-leveling 6.7 cu. ft. bucket that fully takes advantage of the T25’s 1,380 pounds of lift capacity at the front. This well-rounded attachment can haul materials, grade roads, and even plow snow in the winter. The TB65 backhoe is an indispensable attachment when it comes to tasks like loading, digging, backfilling, and trenching. Its various bucket sizes, wide 180-degree swing, and low loading height give you the power to finish tasks quickly.

Looking to do some landscaping? The TM60 mid-mount mower attachment can mow wide areas of grass with ease. The TM60 is mid-mounted which gives you more control and visibility. As it works in the same way as regular riding mowers, there’s a minimal learning curve for new operators. Additionally, the deck height adjustment knob on the T25’s operator platform makes installing and operating the attachment a breeze.

With the inclusion of the optional 3rd function kit, owners of the T25 can greatly expand the range of attachments available to them. The option allows the installation of grapples, augers, snow blowers, and more. For added convenience, the 3rd function kit is simple to install and is already prewired on the controls as standard.


Helpful convenience features for added comfort

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Beyond its functional strengths, the T25 is designed to provide comfort and convenience for the operator. The comfortable suspension seats are mounted higher for greater visibility and can horizontally adjust according to the operator’s preferences. For the modern tractor owner, a sturdy cupholder, 2 USB ports, and a wireless phone charger are mounted within easy reach from the seat. Convenience options include LED work lights, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, and cabin. With the optional heated cabin, the tractor becomes optimized for true all-season use to get the most out of your investment.


T25 vs. the competition

Although the T25 and the Massey Ferguson GC1723E are comparable tractors, the T25 comes out ahead in its capabilities and features. The T25 possesses a higher engine output and thanks to its powerful hydraulic pump, the T25 possesses a greater lift capacity than its Massey Ferguson counterpart. See our comparison table below to find out how the T25 measures up against its competitor.

Head-to-head with the T25

Compared to the Massey Ferguson GC1723E, the TYM T25 has similar specifications but offers more advantages in terms of features and capabilities.

TYM T25 Massey Ferguson GC1723E

Engine Model

Yanmar 3TNV80F

Iseki diesel

Gross Engine Power

24.7 hp | 18.4 kW

22.5 hp | 16.8 kW

No. of cylinders



PTO Power

18.3 hp | 13.6 kW

18.7 hp | 13.9 kW


2-Range HST

2-Range HST

Fuel tank

6.6 gal.

6.6 gal.

Hitch lifting capacity

1534 lbs

1191 lbs

Hitch lifting capacity
at 24 inches behind link ends

1102 lbs

661 lbs

Total hydraulic flow

6.95 gpm

6.3 gpm




Cabin option

Available, with heater and wipers


Considering its outstanding performance and convenience features, the bottom line is simple; the T25 is one of the best workhorse sub-compact tractors you can choose for your property.

If the T25 is the right tractor for you, contact your local dealer or configure your own T25 with options, attachments, and accessories right here on our website. You can also explore the entire TYM lineup and its applications by visiting our interactive TYM World.

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