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Technology Tractor October 18, 2023

Telematics in the TYM T130 tractor

Telematics is a technology that involves collecting and analyzing data remotely to obtain information. It has already been widely used in the engineering field. However, now it is emerging as a crucial keyword in the agricultural sector, alongside smart farming. The telematics technology applied to TYM tractors is specifically referred to as S.A.M. (Smart Agricultural Management). It enables communication and data sharing among agricultural machinery, thus facilitating 'smart agricultural management.' Introduced to perfectly oversee farming operations through telematics, S.A.M. has now become a distinctive identity for TYM.

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Originally, the term telematics is a fusion of the words telecommunications and informatics, and it’s commonly used in vehicles to improve performance, safety, and efficiency. So a telematics-enabled tractor is a tractor that sends, receives, and stores data related to its performance, location, and other operational data.

Discover some of the impressive telematics technology in the T130 and how it can transform your farming operations. Let’s dive into the role of S.A.M. (Smart Agricultural Management) that powers the T130.

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The T130 is equipped with an Autonomous Driving Control Unit (ACU) connected to various subunits for safe and efficient operation. GPS and location data provide directional data and correctional signals, while autonomous steering and obstacle detection units ensure smooth driving. From inside the tractor, the control panel monitors and manages autonomous driving, while a suite of admin and user apps allow you to manage operations remotely. Here are some of the core features of a TYM tractor equipped with D.A.V.E. telematics that will make your job easier.


Location tracking

GPS technology in the T130 enables precise monitoring of the tractor's position, which is particularly effective for fleet management. It delivers real-time location data, allowing operators to quickly locate a parked vehicle. Additionally, the technology lets you save and reuse work paths, eliminating the need to define them repeatedly.


Operational status reports

The T130’s telematics system provides vital data about the tractor's operation, including engine performance, fuel consumption, and maintenance notifications. These alerts help inform proactive maintenance and enhance tractor efficiency. With the operator app, you can remotely monitor battery, fuel, DEF levels, and other metrics on TYM tractors integrated with Smart Agricultural Management (S.A.M.).


Remote management and diagnostics

You don’t have to be in the cabin of the T130 to manage it efficiently. Using the admin apps, you can remotely view operational statistics and monitor vehicle consumables. The T130’s Quick Start Mode also enables remote start and stop capabilities, so you can define and adjust work paths for the most efficient results.


Work log and documentation

A smarter tractor like the T130 can log its own operational hours and tasks. It documents work paths and the areas covered, generating graphs based on various operational metrics. These daily logs enable thorough analysis and help you refine your farming operations.


Safety and security features

The T130’s geofencing feature boosts security, sending alerts if the tractor exits the area. In case of a roll-over, an automatic alert with the tractor's location is sent to your designated emergency contact. The built-in safety mechanism ensures constant tractor tracking, shutting down the engine upon signal loss route deviation.


TYM tractors, advancing agricultural machinery one tractor at a time

Telematics-enabled tractors like the T130 are not just smarter machines but powerful tools that can reshape the agricultural industry. They are capable of providing valuable insights, ensuring efficient operations, and seamlessly integrating into modern, technology-driven farming practices. Beyond cost savings and increased yields, telematics simplifies task management and lightens the traditionally heavy mental load of farm management. When paired with other technologies like AI and automated systems, telematics and ICT has incredible potential to transform the future of agriculture.

Whatever new advancements come next, and wherever your farming journey takes you, TYM tractors stand ready to equip you with cutting-edge technologies, paving the way for a sustainable and fruitful future.

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