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Story Tractor November 08, 2023

Preparing your tractor for the winter season

Our previous article on preparing your tractor for the winter season covered basics like how to store and start your tractor in colder weather. In this edition, we’ll cover how you can winterize your tractor by sharing tractor maintenance tips that will ensure that it stays in top shape while continuing to work through winter.

Even if you’re only occasionally or casually using your tractor in the winter, be sure to take care to ensure that your tractor is going to be stored properly when not in use. Some individuals rely on their tractors for regular snow removal to maintain open and safe driveways. Others may own hobby farms in snowy regions that require frequent material hauling. And if you raise livestock and poultry on your farm, your tractor becomes essential for providing food and bedding to the animals relying on you. Here are some of our most important tips for keeping your tractor in top shape while getting the most use out of it during the colder months.

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Allow your tractor sufficient time and heat to start in cold weather

Some of the best things you can do for your tractor in the winter are also the easiest things to do. If you can, park inside or utilize a block heater to warm the oil up so the engine starts with ease. Even without a covered structure or heater to keep your tractor warm, there are two simple things you can do to keep your tractor running smoothly. First, park your tractor in a sunny area. Strategically positioning your tractor in an area with extended sun exposure can warm up the engine, even when it's outdoors. Secondly, give your tractor time to warm up. Machines are like humans; they need to warm up, ensure proper oil and coolant circulation, and reach the correct operating temperature. Letting your tractor idle for even just five minutes before you start operating it will be easier on the machine.


Fill up with winter-grade fuel and engine oil

Another simple and effective way to maintain your tractor's engine and overall performance is by using the appropriate fuel to power it in extreme temperatures. To prevent diesel fuel from “gelling” and clogging fuel filters when temperatures drop, you can switch to winter-grade fuel when the temperature falls below freezing. As you prepare for the cold season, don't overlook the importance of changing the tractor's oil. Utilizing winter-grade oil during colder months ensures that the vital engine components get the necessary lubrication needed to operate in cold weather. There are various oils on the market specifically designed for use in freezing weather, but we recommend consulting your tractor's operator manual or dealer before making a selection. By taking these measures for cold weather tractor maintenance, you'll prolong your tractor's lifespan and preemptively address any potential issues that may arise when it returns to full-time operation.


Utilize mounted weights, snow tires, or tire chain

There are many ways to enhance your tractor’s performance in the winter, and much of that  depends on the kind of application, terrain and weather conditions you’ll be working in. Tractors don’t always have the best traction in snow so it helps to add a mounted weight to your tractor for optimal winter performance. Whether or not you use weights, tire chains prove valuable in icy conditions, significantly reducing slippage. Tractors frequently operating in snowy or slushy conditions benefit significantly from winter tires. These specialized tires can deliver superior traction on icy surfaces, enhancing safety and ensuring efficient performance in cold weather. Designed with deep treads to tackle snow and ice effectively, these tires can become an indispensable investment for winter tractor operation.


Preparing your tractor for the changing seasons

Whether you’re dealing with torrential downpour or frosty snow, maintaining your tractor to start and run smoother under any condition is always a good idea. In fact, some of the simplest routine things you can do for your tractors can make the most long-term impact. Seasons change and unpredictable weather can occur at any moment, but consistent checks and regular maintenance remain vital to your tractor’s longevity and your productivity.

For further reading on how to extend your tractor’s productivity, check out tym.world for detailed instructions and helpful tips on how to get the most out of your tractor throughout all seasons and weather. For more support for TYM tractors, check our website for maintenance options and useful resources like articles covering milestone service checklists. For maintenance tips and product availability specific to your model and region, get in touch with a TYM dealer near you.

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