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Comparison Tractor July 11, 2022

Comparing the TYM T25 to other subcompact tractors in its class

Want the power and versatility of a compact tractor, but with a smaller footprint and budget? There’s a subcompact tractor for that. You can find a range of comparable options on the market, but the TYM T25 has one of the most powerful engines and one of the highest lift capacities among subcompact tractors.

Take a look at TYM’s most popular subcompact tractor model to see how it measures up to its competition when it comes to performance, versatility, and comfort.

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1. Powered by a high-torque Yanmar engine
The TYM T25 is powered by a high-torque Yanmar engine. This water-cooled diesel engine warms up faster and maintains operational temperature more effectively while the tractor is running. With higher horsepower and traveling speeds than its competitors, the T25 enables you to cover more ground, wherever your application may take you. Coupled with a high capacity fuel tank that allows you to operate for longer periods without refueling, the T25’s Tier 4-certified engine promotes fuel-efficient operation while minimizing noise and emissions.
2. Equipped for higher lifting capacity
The T25 has a lift capability considerably higher than that of other tractors in its class, reaching till the end ball joint. Additionally, there is a comparable rear rpm, which enables high impact work like tilling and plowing with accessories.
3. Adapts to your every need
The TYM T25 makes it easier to work without inhibitions. Unlike other subcompact tractors with fixed side lighting, the ROPS on the T25 features a modular lighting kit that can be customized with lights, work lamps, and even Bluetooth speakers. Simply attach the system to either the sides or the top of the ROPS to fit your needs. Ready to change gears? For added versatility, the TYM T25 comes equipped with a 3rd function installation kit. This enables the use of a bucket with 4-in-1 functionality, including lifting, tilting, dumping and grappling.
4. Offers comfort beyond expectation
The T25 is designed to keep the operator connected and alert on every job. Its IP66 waterproof Bluetooth speakers and built-in wireless smartphone charger are some of the modern features that can’t be found on other subcompact tractor models. When it comes to the operator's seat and dashboard, the TYM T25 puts the user first. The ergonomic seat is equipped with a heavy duty mechanical suspension while allowing for manual adjustment. A brighter meta panel makes it easier to understand tractor performance at a glance under any light condition.

Head-to-head with the T25

Compared to the Bobcat CT1025, the TYM T25 has similar specifications but offers more advantages in terms of features and capabilities.

TYM T25 Bobcat CT1025

Engine Model

Yanmar 3TNV80F

Shibaura S773L-F21

Gross Engine Power

24.7 hp

24.5 hp


77.3 cu. in. | 1267 cc

61.4 cu. in.  | 1000 cc

PTO Power

18.3 hp | 13.6 kW

18.8 hp | 14.0 kW

Rear PTO System

540 rpm

540 rpm

Maximum Lifting Capacity (24” after the hitch)

1102 lb | 499 kg

700 lb. | 318 kg

Maximum travel speed

13.7 mph | 22.0 km/hr.

11.1 mph | 17.8 km/hr.

With faster speed and better lift performance, the TYM T25 offers a clear advantage over its competition. Explore more details and specifications on the T25 product page, get in touch with a nearby dealership, or request a quote today.

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