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Press ESG January 13, 2022

TYM donated 20 million won to the Van Fleet Foundation. It's the second time since last year.

TYM announced on the 13th that it recently donated $17,200 (about 20 million won) to the Van Fleet Foundation in the United States.

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The Van Fleet Foundation is a foundation that organizes commemorative projects for General James Allward Van Fleet (1892-1992), who served as commander of the U.S. 8th Army and the United Nations during the Korean War. General Van Fleet is a great man who participated in the Korean War and was revered as a national hero, and made great efforts for friendly relations between South Korea and the U.S. by establishing the Korean Military Academy during his tenure.

This donation is the second case of donation following last year, and TYM donated $16,600 (about 18.06 million won) to the Van Fleet Foundation in January 2020 under the name of its predecessor, Dongyang C&T Corporation. At that time, TYM Chairman Kim Hi-yong said he really wanted to contribute to commemorating General Van Fleet's life and hoped that the painful history of the Korean War would be remembered for the next generation.

As such, TYM continues to practice ESG management by actively carrying out various social contribution activities such as donations. In February last year, it declared ESG management for the first time in the agricultural machinery industry, and raised issues in Korea by donating young farmers' tractors to help them settle farming, supporting welfare for low-income youth, free repair of agricultural machinery in flood recovery areas, and donating COVID-19 quarantine masks. He is also actively engaged in global external volunteer activities, such as donating tractors to areas affected by hurricanes in Tennessee in December.

A TYM official said, "TYM will do its best as a company that fulfills its social responsibility by returning the love received from customers to society," adding, "We plan to continue various social contribution activities in the future."

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