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CSR Corporate November 11, 2020

Supporting a digital archive for North American vetarans

TYM's North American corporation, TYM Tractors, offers "hero honor discounts" to veterans, first responders and similar people. At the end of last year, we decided to increase the offer to celebrate Veterans Day, the anniversary of the U.S and donated $16,600 discount offered over the past few weeks to build a digital archive of the Van Fleet Foundation.

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The "Florida Van Fleet Foundation" is a foundation that organizes commemorative projects for General James Edward Van Fleet (1892-1992), who served as commander of the Eighth Army and the United Nations during the Korean War.
TYM Chairman Kim Hee-yong said, "I really wanted to contribute to the memory of General Van Fleet's life," and added, "I hope the June 25 history will not be forgotten and will continue in the next generation."

The relationship between TYM and the Banfleet Foundation began a long time ago with a meeting between TYM's CEO Kim Hee-yong and General Vanfleet. Touched by General Van Fleet's heart toward Korea, Chairman Kim Hee-yong continues to offer discounts and support projects for those who have served the country, including veterans.

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