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T254 Series 1, Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Engine power
    23.9 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity
    1214 lb

This tractor is proof that good things can come in small packages. The T254 enables brings you greater power without compromising on maneuverability, backed by a powerful engine and ergonomic operator controls.

Helping you maintain a healthy lawn

With narrow dimensions, a small turning radius, intuitive controls and a lightweight design, a TYM sub-compact tractor is the ideal machine for any home with a yard. A dedicated mid-mount linkage allows easy attachment to a range of mowers in different sizes, while front-end and rear linkages allow for additional functionality compared to riding mowers.


Enabling you to build and maintain a home garden

With a TYM sub-compact tractor, you can leverage multi-functional capabilities and ease of maneuverability to build and maintain your home garden. From tilling the land and spreading fertilizer to aerating and seeding your soil, this tractor is easy to operate and swap implements, enabling you to grow all types of plant life, simply and effectively.


Making yardwork easier and more enjoyable

Complete chores around your property quickly and affordably. From brushing dust and dirt from your driveway to lifting and dumping fallen leaves and other waste, a TYM sub-compact offers the right mix of size and power for maneuverability and efficient engine performance.


Creating space for a lively home farm

Comfortable to sit in and easy to operate, a TYM sub-compact tractor has the light design and small turning radius to assist with maintaining animal life at home. Level the yard, trim grass, spread feed, move hay bales, clear waste and much more.

Image Verticle

While the exterior of this tractor demonstrates a sleek and rugged design, the interior is packed with in-cabin controls and features to minimize operator effort. From sturdier cast iron linkages to an easy to operate hydrostatic controls, this tractor is engineered for productivity inside and out.

Good ground and overhead clearance allows drivers to take on uneven terrain easily, whether in a barn, in wooded areas under tree cover, or inside greenhouses. Equipped with high engine efficiency, impressive lift capabilities and the option of a foldable ROPS or heated cab configuration, this tractor has the capabilities to perform light-to-medium duty jobs, all year round.

Image Wide
1. Linkage for optional loader
2. 2-range HST
3. Foldable ROPS or all-weather cabin
4. Throttle lever
5. Ergonomic seating
6. Large-volume fuel tank
*The current model is for illustrative purposes only. Available products, features, and specifications may vary depending on your region.

All the right features to get the job done

Complete a range of jobs with a TYM Series 1 tractor. Achieve results faster with a powerful high-torque engine, control implements easily with a PTO switch, and stay energized with an ergonomically designed operator station.

A wide operator cabin with a flat floor offers good visibility and ample leg room, promoting comfortable operation. All controls are within arm's reach, including a dial to control the cutting height of the mid-mount implement. The accelerator, brake pedal, differential lock, and parking brake are easily accessible on the floor of the cabin, located precisely where you expect them to be. These features make this tractor easy to operate, even for novice drivers.
Ergonomic features for enhanced productivity
The Japanese made Yanmar engine offers more torque with less revs compared to competitors in its class. Since it is water cooled, the engine warms up faster and stabilized temperature more effectively while the tractor is running. The engine is also Tier 4 certified, including for noise emission standards.
High torque, water-cooled Yanmar diesel engine
Accompanied by the power steering, the responsive 2-range hydrostatic controls on this tractor ensures a smooth ride. It reduces the need for operator effort, particularly while operating the optional front-end and rear implements.
2-range hydrostatic transmission for smooth operation
The 3-point linkage on the rear has an impressive lift capacity that reaches the end ball joint. The rear PTO control can be used to adjust rpm based on the task, increasing it for more intensive ground engagement like slashing or digging.
3-point hitch with powerful lift capacity
The mid-mount linkage on the tractor allows easy installation for a mower up to 54 inches wide. Cutting height can be adjusted easily during operation using the dial on the operator console, so patches of overgrowth can be tackled more efficiently.
Mid-mount linkage for mowing implements
The Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) of the tractor is designed to be folded, allowing for easy storage in low-ceiling garages or sheds.
Foldable ROPS for storage in low-ceiling structures
Even while the tractor is in motion, a dedicated PTO lever can be used to speed up or slow down implement rpm, while the dial can raise and lower implements at the prescribed speed.
Controls to speed up, slow down, raise or lower implements
Responsive hydrostatic controls offers a smooth ride for operators, from the forward and reverse pedal to the powered steering wheel. These controls reduce the need for operator effort during a range of tasks, particularly while operating the optional front-end loader.
Hydrostatic transmission for infinitely variable drive speed

Technical specifications

Not sure which tractor is right for you? Compare the specifications of each tractor model.



Engine manufacturer Yanmar 3TNV80F
Type Natural Aspiration
Gross engine power 23.9 hp | 17.8 kW
PTO power 18.8 hp | 14.0 kW
Rated engine speed 3000 rpm
No. of cylinders 3
Displacement 77.3 cu. in.
Air cleaner Single Dry
Alternator 12V, 40A
Fuel system IDI
Transmission type HST
No. of speeds Infinite 2-range
Max. traveling speed 11.0 mph
Brakes Wet Disc
Steering Hydrostatic
Clutch Dry Single Plate
hydraulic system
Pump type Single Gear Pump
Implement flow 4.18 gpm
Steering flow 2.77 gpm
Total flow 6.95 gpm
Category, 3-point hitch I (N)
Hitch lift capacity 1214 lb
Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends 1101 lb
Lift control type Position
No. of standard remote valves Optional (1)
PTO type Transmission PTO w/ ORC/Independent
PTO control Electric/Hydro
PTO rear 540 rpm
Fuel tank 5.81 gal
Coolant 3.8 qt
Crankcase 2.9 qt
Transmission/Hydraulics system 3.7 gal
Front axle 3.7 qt
dimensions & weights
Overall length with 3-point hitch 100.5 in.
Overall width 45.8 in.
Wheelbase 57.5 in.
Height to top of ROPS 91.3 in.
Min. ground clearance 9.4 in.
Min. turn radius with brakes 88.58 in.
Min. turn radius without brakes 100 in.
Weight with ROPS 1638 lb
standard tires
R3 Turf - Front Turf Master 20x8.00-10 NHS TL 4PR
R3 Turf - Rear Multi-Trac CS 29x12.50-15 NHS TL 4PR
R4 Industrial - Front Trac Chief 20x8.00-10 NHS TL 4PR
R4 Industrial - Rear Trac Chief 27x12.5-15 NHS TL 4PR
R4 Large Industrial - Front Trac Chief 23x8.50-12 NHS TL 4PR
R4 Large Industrial - Rear Trac Chief 12-16.5 NHS TL 6PR
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Upgrades for the Series 1, T254

Complement the capabilities of your TYM tractor with compatible options and accessories.

Cabin CAB254
Tire R3 Turf Tires F Turf Master 20x8.00-10 NHS TL 4PR R Multi-Trac CS 29x12.50-15 NHS TL 4PR
Tire R4 Industrial Tires F Trac Chief 20x8.00-10 NHS TL 4PR R Trac Chief 27x12.5-15 NHS TL 4PR
Tire R4 Lg Industrial Tires F Trac Chief 23x8.50-12 NHS TL 4PR R Trac Chief 12-16.5 NHS TL 6PR
Block heater
Loader quick attach kit
Auxiliary hydraulic kit
Front counterweights
T65A Mechanical Thumbs
BHPAD100 Street Pads
Rear wiper kit
Mulching kits

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