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Press Tractor August 18, 2021

TYM leads the future of agriculture by accelerating the pace of innovation of ICT self-driving agricultural machinery

TYM announced on the 18th that its subsidiary TYM ICT successfully completed a self-driving tractor demonstration based on telematics in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, in July. The target time for commercialization is early 2022.

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Last year, TYM established TYM ICT, a subsidiary company specializing in smart precision agriculture, to develop and mass-produce autonomous agricultural machinery. In addition, it has been continuing its research to launch a self-driving tractor at Level 1 and 2 stages.

TYM ICT’s self-driving tractor was introduced at the product demonstration and recorded the highest level of precision in Korea. Although the tractor's performance was greatly affected by its environment, such as the weather and road surface, the driving was precise up to 7 cm and the accuracy of the position of the tractor when stopped was up to 2cm or less. It also proved its excellence in night self-driving tests and overcame the existing limitations of self-driving technology in agricultural work at night.

The telematics system installed on the tractor provides various functions such as organization, model, customer, and sales management, vehicle control, work log, theft prevention, and emergency notification. All these features can be quickly checked through smartphones. In addition, for the first time in the industry, FW and DB remote upgrade functions are applied so that the consumers can upgrade to the latest features without having to visit the service center themselves, which increases convenience.

TYM plans to develop fully autonomous driving and cluster driving technologies based on the work done by the TYM ICT. They will continue to create smart farm and information collection technologies using ICT technologies. They will also establish ICT research and development centers to develop artificial intelligence technologies and apply agricultural big data collected and analyzed from autonomous agricultural machines to precision agriculture to complete a more efficient agricultural environment.

“We have taken a step closer to the goal of globalizing TYM in 2022 by showcasing TYM’s pioneering ICT technology through this demonstration,” said Kim Do-hoon, CEO of TYM. “Through continuous research and development, we will become an advanced technology company in the world.”

TYM developed its first self-driving tractor (straight-forward and rotational self-driving) in 2013. The company released its high-density self-driving system with a driving error of ±15cm in 2017. Last May 2019, a rice-planting machine has successfully made the automatic turn as autonomously as possible, as demonstrated by Moon Jae-in, the observer of the president.

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