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Press Corporate July 15, 2022

“Digital transformation is the key to nurturing young farmers for the future.” TYM CEO Dohoon Kim’s guest speech at the Asian Leadership Conference (ALC)

- TYM participated in the 'Future of Agriculture: Agricultural Data Revolution' session at the conference to share its vision on the future of agriculture and its plans.

- Emphasized digital transformation of agriculture as the world's population grows and arable land shrinks due to climate change

- TYM is not only researching and developing smart tractors, but also forming organic connections with parts manufacturers

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Dohoon Kim, president of South Korea’s leading agricultural machinery company TYM (Chairman: Hiyong Kim, CEO: Dohoon Kim / formerly Tongyang Moolsan / 002900), participated as a guest speaker at the Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) hosted by Chosun Ilbo on July 14th at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. In his speech, Kim discussed agriculture in the New Normal era.

CEO Dohoon Kim, who was invited to the ‘Future of Agriculture: Agricultural Data Revolution’ session, asserted digital agriculture as the key to a great transformation in the agriculture and shared TYM’s plans. He stated, “TYM’s ultimate goal is to overcome the agricultural crisis and to help farmers achieve substantial income growth by focusing on the digital transformation of agricultural machinery.”

He went on to say, “If digital agriculture is revitalized as a business that is conducive to working from home and is profitable, younger generations who are more adept with digital technology can be expected to actively participate in agriculture. Agricultural machinery such as tractors is also one of the keys to digital transformation. To achieve this, TYM’s vision is to share data with parts manufacturers and organically accumulate data.”

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TYM established TYMICT, an ICT focused subsidiary, in 2020 and is striving to discover and accumulate meaningful digital information generated in agricultural sites by researching and developing telematics and autonomous driving technologies. In April, the DX division was established to create data for decision-making processes and to accelerate the digital transformation (DX) of agricultural machinery. After the official integration on July 1st, the digitalization of TYM’s offerings is expected to take place rapidly as product lineups and production systems are consolidated and reconfigured to expand consumer choices.

ALC is one of Asia's prominent international events where leaders, businessmen, and scholars from around the world gather in one place to discuss major issues facing the world and seek solutions. This year the subject was ‘The New Normal Era: Finding the Key to Great Transformation’, and was held for two days from July 13th to the 14th. Key domestic and international figures participated including President Sukyeol Yoon and the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama who their shared opinions on how to welcome the new normal era.


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