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Announcement Corporate December 15, 2020

Ready, set, go! A transformation revealed, from TYM to the world

With the new TYM brand, TYM is solidifying who we are and what we stand for: a dedication to our customers’ success. Our last 70 years were built on the exceptional work and dedication of our employees. Our next 70 years will be even brighter, as we chase the next frontiers for innovation in machinery and work to stay ahead of our customers' evolving needs.

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TYM tractors are exceptional in many ways: design unique to the industry, engineering that makes them more capable, manufacturing that creates reliability, and technology that improves productivity.

Most importantly, TYM tractors are exceptional because they are designed for our customers’ world. Our customers choose them because we bring together form, function, and value in a machine that enables them to overcome challenges.

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A transformation revealed, from TYM to the world

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With the new TYM brand, we reinforce our promises to deliver exceptional machines. Uniting our rich history of research, technology and manufacturing expertise with the constantly evolving needs of the decades ahead, we hold a future focus that enables us to solve challenges before our customers can identify them.

With a unique combination of alluring form, advanced function and accessible value, we enable our customers to make the best possible choice and turn their challenges into opportunities.

As pioneers of functional and alluring design, our tractors look and feel as good as they run. Our machines promote confident and productive work, from the superior ergonomics and operator-focussed interiors, to the robust and aesthetically designed exteriors.

Versatility and utility are at the core of every TYM machine, backed by engineering that adapts to complete routine tasks and pushes the boundaries to tackle the toughest of challenges.

With quality control and testing at every step of our manufacturing process, our machines are built to be reliable for a lifetime of operations. From the first moment running till the end of its lifecycle, our machines are made to be cost-effective, and to stay that way.

Our machines promote comfort and productivity with the right form, augment results and drive accomplishments with the right function and deliver a lifetime of value for customers with the consistently demonstrated value. This is how our machines have always been, and today we use this to light the way forward for our customers and for our company. Proving time and again that a TYM machine is designed for your world.

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