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South Korea

Headquarters and homeland of TYM Tractors. Focused on the Korean market.

North America

For the US and Canadian market, with regional headquarters in North Carolina.


Global coverage and support for Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

K110E Series 5, Utility Tractor

  • Engine power
    111.4 ps
  • Hitch lift capacity
    4170 kg

As the best selling compact utility tractor in Korea, the K110E has everything. From its panoramic cabin and 110HP engine, this tractor provides excellent power while keeping the operator comfortable.

  • Material Handling
  • Land Clearing & Forestry
  • Construction
  • Arable Farming

Lifting, hauling and moving heavy materials for your operations

Built to maintain high productivity with maximized speed control and a deluxe operator cabin, a TYM utility tractor can help you accelerate material handling jobs for routine jobs and specialized projects. Maximized front and hitch lift capabilities allow you to carry large volumes of material at once, minimizing the number of trips and promoting operational efficiency.

Enabling you to take control of your commercial land

With a durable frame and powerful hitch lift capabilities, a TYM utility tractor has the traction, rpm and implement compatibility to power through tough land clearing task.From flattening large mounds of soil to clearing shallow-rooted trees, this tractor is equipped to crush, tow and lift away the hurdles for your operations.

Driving productive work for large developments

From preparing and foundation building to final assembly and finishing, productivity means faster completion at every construction stage. TYM utility tractors are designed to maximize productivity, with the highest possible lift capabilities to lift and haul more material with each repetition, a range of gears to promote efficient engine performance and a rugged body to maintain durability. Make this tractor your primary piece of machinery for an entire project, or working in tandem with other construction equipment.

Driving productivity for commercial farming operations

From row crops on wet land or permanent crops on dry land, TYM utility tractors are among the most preferred machines for commercial farming. Equipped with versatile functionality in a heavy-duty design, this tractor promotes productivity from soil preparation and seeding to irrigation and harvest. Enable faster and more efficient crop cycles with this tractor and maximize the use of your commercial farmland.

Image Verticle
The K110E boasts a fuel-efficient, high-power, quiet 111 horsepower common rail engine, matched with a powerful PTO, allowing for excellent productivity when cultivating crops and livestock farming. The 4 window panoramic cabin and front and rear LED work lights provides excellent views of the work area, greatly increasing safety. Additionally, various driver-oriented features such as dual side mirrors, easy-to-read instrument panel, and comfortable cabin reduces operator fatigue. The ergonomic layout lessens fatigue further with the electromagnetic hydraulic hitch controls, PTO safety switch, and power shuttle levers. The K110E also features a powerful external lift cylinder, with capable lift and towing capabilities.
Image Wide
1. Power shuttle
2. De-clutch
3. Dual side mirrors
4. Electronic lift control
5. Loader joystick
6. Beverage cooler / warmer

Equipped with features to enhance versatility and productivity

The immensely powerful engine and hydraulic package means that this tractor has the capabilities to complete a variety of jobs, whether big or small. The car-like conveniences and premium cabin features maintain a high level of productivity while keeping operator comfortable.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system, this high performance diesel engine produces high-torque at low RPMs for more work capacity.
Eco-friendly electronically controlled Doosan engine
High-capacity fuel tanks allow long operating times without refueling and improves engine fuel efficiency.
High-capacity fuel tank
The ergonomically designed cabin decreases stress on the operator and increases convenience.
Driver oriented interior
With an enhanced 3-point lift, heavy implements can be easily lifted, allowing more types of implements to be installed.
Excellent lift-capacity
Conveniently control the hydraulic top link and the attached implement from the cabin with the operating lever.
High-capacity hydraulic top link
The high tow capacity is perfect for the most difficult jobs.
High tow capacity
The panoramic cabin gives 360 degrees views around the tractor, making work safer and more convenient.
4-window panoramic cabin
The powerful external hydraulic cylinder exerts 4.2 tons of lifting strength and is easy to service.
Best-in-class external hydraulic cylinder

Technical specifications

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Engine manufacturer Doosan D34P Doosan Infracore D34P JohnDeere 4045HFK04
Type Turbocharger Vertical cylinder, 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine Turbocharger
Gross engine power 111.4 ps | 82 kW 111.5 ps | 82 kW 116.9 ps | 86 kW
PTO power 101.9 ps | 75 kW 97.9 hp | 73 kW 103.3 ps | 76 kW
Rated engine speed 2200 rpm 2300 rpm 2400 rpm
No. of cylinders 4 4 4
Displacement 3409 cc 3409 cc 4525 cc
Air cleaner Dry element Dual Dry Dry element
Alternator 12V-110A 12V, 110A 12V-110A
Fuel system Direct Injection CRDI Direct Injection
Transmission type Power Shuttle Power Shuttle & Hi/Lo shift Power Shuttle
No. of speeds F12 x R12 F32 x R32 F16 x R16
Max. traveling speed 35.28 km/h 39.6 km/h 33.18 km/h
Brakes Wet Disc Hydraulic Wet Disc Wet Disc Hydraulic
Steering Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Clutch Wet Disc Wet Multi Plate Wet Disc
hydraulic system
Pump type Gear Pump Dual Gear Pump Gear Pump
Implement flow 61.6 lpm 53.75 l/min 69.6 lpm
Steering flow 30.8 lpm 26.88 l/min 33.6 lpm
Total flow 92.4 lpm 80.69 l/min 103.2 lpm
Category, 3-point hitch Cat 2 II Cat 2
Hitch lift capacity 4170 kg 3844 kg 4640 kg
Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends 2744 kg 3459 kg 3339 kg
Lift control type Position/Draft/TBS Position/Draft Position/Draft/TBS
No. of standard remote valves 6/6 6 port 6/6
PTO type Independent Independent Independent
PTO control Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro
PTO rear 540/750/1000 rpm 540/750/1000 rpm 540/750/1000 rpm
Fuel tank 160 L 110 L (DEF 20 L) 160 L
Coolant 15.9 L 16.5 L 15.9 L
Crankcase 14 L 15.9 L 13 L
Transmission/Hydraulics system 56 L 75 L 56 L
Front axle 12 L 17.4 L 12 L
dimensions & weights
Overall length with 3-point hitch 4070 mm 4250 mm 4020 mm
Overall width 2220 mm 2230 mm 2270 mm
Wheelbase 2360 mm 2320 mm 2360 mm
Height to top of ROPS 2955 mm 2860 mm 2790 mm
Min. ground clearance 460 mm 410 mm 445 mm
Min. turn radius with brakes 4170 mm 3650 mm 4220 mm
Min. turn radius without brakes 5440 mm 4120 mm 5480 mm
Weight with cab 4135 kg 4055 kg 5480 kg
standard tires
Agricultural - Front 13.6 - 24 6PR 13.6-24 13.6 - 24 6PR
Agricultural - Rear 18.4 - 34 10PR 18.4-34 18.4 - 34 10PR
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