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South Korea

Headquarters and homeland of TYM Tractors. Focused on the Korean market.

North America

For the US and Canadian market, with regional headquarters in North Carolina.


Global coverage and support for Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

K75E Series 4, Compact Utility Tractor

  • Engine power
    73.9 ps
  • Hitch lift capacity
    2375 kg

The K75E features car-like comfort on top of its formidable performance specs. Equipped with a powerful 3.4 liter turbo engine rated at 75 horsepower, this is the most powerful tractor in its class.

  • Livestock & Poultry
  • Land Clearing & Forestry
  • Material Handling
  • Landscaping

Equipping you to manage animals efficiently

With powerful lift capabilities and a premium operator cabin, a durable Dig holes to build enclosures with a post-hole digger, unload feed in troughs using a front-end loader, lift and haul hay with bale spears, and clear waste with a back-blade. Whether you want to build and maintain a chicken coop, barn or stable, a TYM Compact Utility tractor brings you the multi-functional capabilities to cover the entire farm.

Clearing your land to maintain and grow your development

With greater lift capabilities, a sturdy axle configuration and a smaller frame, a TYM compact utility tractor is equipped to maneuver around and lift obstacles in your path. From grappling dead plants and rocks to lifting away debris and uprooted tree stumps, this tractor helps maintain your land or clear it for your next development.

Moving the material you need to get the job done

With impressive front and hitch lift capabilities and equivalent forward and reverse transmission gears, a TYM compact utility tractor equips you with the power and control to complete all types of material handling jobs. Compatible with implements like front-end loaders, pallet forks, grapples, trailers and more, this tractor can move gravel for road building, palleted bricks for construction, hay bales for livestock and much more.

Delivering the power you want on your turf

With higher fuel capacity, a more efficient engine, enhanced implement controls and faster traveling speeds, a TYM Compact Utility tractor covers turf care from community parks to golf courses. In addition to maintenance with mowers and sprayers, this tractor helps develop bare land into growing lawns. Clear weeds with a rotary cutter, level bare ground with a rake, prepare soil with an aerator and spread seeds evenly with a spreader.

Image Verticle
The K75E is equipped with a 75 horsepower 3.4L turbo engine that does not require DEF. Its heavy weight and long wheelbase translates to a strong performance. Work conveniences like the front LED work lights and external height controls for the rear implement is combined with the largest luxury cabin in its class. The power shuttle lever, de-clutch button, electronic hydraulic hitch control, as well as an integrated automatic function button enhances work performance. The electronic exhaust valve and a double-speed turn mode comes as a standard, and with 6 hydraulic ports each in the front and rear, gives excellent lift and towing capabilities.
Image Wide
1. Power shuttle
2. Hydraulic tilt / telescoping power steering
3. De-clutch
4. Rear external implement control
5. Electronic lift control
6. Multi-functional buttons

Features to enhance versatility and productivity

With its powerful Cummins engine and economic benefits, this tractor has the capabilities to complete a variety of jobs, whether big or small. The standard package offers all the functionalities and performance at exceptional value.

Equipped with the highest-capacity engine in its class, the K57E makes quick work of any task. What’s more, this eco-friendly engine meets Stage-V emissions standards.
3.4L high-output TYM diesel engine
High-capacity fuel tanks allow long operating times without refueling and improves engine fuel efficiency.
High-capacity fuel tank
The tilt steering wheel allows the operator to adjust to their best driving position for greater comfort.
Tilt steering wheel
The PTO and the implement can be easily controlled with the multi-functional buttons. The operator can also control height, horizontal level, auto-level sensitivity, and Back-Up & Turn-Up functions.
Multi-functional buttons
Standard AC and heater and helps operators work comfortably regardless of the season. It also increases the work efficiency by increasing visibility.
Deluxe cabin with AC and heater
Lowers fuel consumption and the efficiently regenerates the diesel particulate filter
DPF Regeneration System (Electronic Exhaust Valve)
With an enhanced 3-point lift, heavy implements can be easily lifted, allowing more types of implements to be installed.
Excellent lift-capacity
A long wheelbase means more stability and an increased tow capacity provides exceptional performance.
Longest wheelbase in class

Technical specifications

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Engine manufacturer TYM D3400T TYM A2400T4-KTC_4 TYM A2400TCI1-KT_4
Type Turbocharger Turbocharger Turbocharger
Gross engine power 73.9 ps | 54.4 kW 62.54 ps | 46 kW 73.7 ps | 55 kW
PTO power 63.9 ps | 47 kW 51.66 ps | 38 kW 64.36 ps | 48 kW
Rated engine speed 2500 rpm 2600 rpm 2600 rpm
No. of cylinders 4 4 4
Displacement 3409 cc 2392 cc 2392 cc
Air cleaner Dry element Dry, element Dry element
Alternator 12V-70A 12V-70A 12V-70A
Fuel system Direct Injection Direct Injection Direct Injection
Transmission type Power Shuttle Synchro Power Shuttle
No. of speeds F16 x R16 F24 x R24 F16 x R16
Max. traveling speed 33.18 km/h 26.11 km/h 34.51 km/h
Brakes Wet Disc Hydraulic Wet Disc Mechanical Wet Disc Hydraulic
Steering Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Clutch Wet Disc Dry Disk Wet Disc
hydraulic system
Pump type Gear Pump Gear Pump Gear Pump
Implement flow 50 lpm 41.6 lpm 46.8 lpm
Steering flow 30 lpm 26 lpm 31.2 lpm
Total flow 80 lpm 67.6 lpm 78 lpm
Category, 3-point hitch Cat 2 Cat 2 Cat 2
Hitch lift capacity 2375 kg 2239 kg 2424 kg
Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends 1808 kg 1460 kg 1880 kg
Lift control type Position,Draft,TBS Position,Draft,TBS Position/Draft/TBS
No. of standard remote valves 6/6 4/6 6/6
PTO type Independent Independent Independent
PTO control Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro
PTO rear 540/750/1000 rpm 540/750/1000 rpm 540/750/1000 rpm
Fuel tank 90 L 79 L 90 L
Coolant 8.6 L 10.5 L 8.6 L
Crankcase 9 L 4.5 L 6.4 L
Transmission/Hydraulics system 63 L 47 L 63 L
Front axle 14 L 9 L 14 L
dimensions & weights
Overall length with 3-point hitch 3660 mm 3450 mm 3850 mm
Overall width 1890 mm 1845 mm 1890 mm
Wheelbase 2200 mm 2030 mm 2200 mm
Height to top of ROPS 2720 mm 2595 mm 2715 mm
Min. ground clearance 420 mm 410 mm 430 mm
Min. turn radius with brakes 3610 mm 3070 mm 3610 mm
Min. turn radius without brakes 4530 mm 3960 mm 4110 mm
Weight with cab 2935 kg 2620 kg 2945 kg
standard tires
Agricultural - Front 11.2 - 24 8PR 11.2 - 20 8PR 11.2-24 8PR
Agricultural - Rear 16.9 - 30 8PR 14.9 - 30 8PR 16.9-30 8PR
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