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Story ESG November 04, 2022

If you’ve ever considered a career in agriculture, now is the time to be a young farmer in Korea

Looking for a promising career? Interested in tech? Are you under the age of 40? Look no further than your nearest farm, orchard, or smart greenhouse. The Korean government recently announced an ambitious five-year master plan to nurture 30,000 young farmers by 2027 as part of a long-term plan to replenish the aging agricultural population. Young farmers, defined by the government as full-time farmers under the age of 40, have typically faced challenges such as initial investment costs, adequate training, and securing farmland. By expanding programs targeting younger, emerging farmers and integrating advanced technologies, the government is betting on revitalizing a long-declining sector. Here is a look at some of the enhanced benefits and new programs for young farmers in Korea.

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Increased settlement subsidies for transitional income

To support new farmers entering the agricultural industry, the government offers farming settlement subsidies that can be used towards managing a farm and also for general living expenses. These subsidies are perfect for young people about to enter the workforce or change industries because they are paid to novice farmers for the first three years of their farm management career. Starting in 2023, the government will double the target of the subsidy to 4,000 young farmers and also bump up the monthly allowance to 1.1 million won, a 10% increase from 2022.


More ways to rent and buy (and rent-to-own) farmland and smart farms

As a relatively small and mountainous country, Korea has a limited supply of arable land— which makes farmland hard to obtain, especially for those without any local connections. With the government’s expansion of farmland availability, young farmers will have the opportunity to cultivate “rent to own” farms that can be purchased after a 30-year lease. For those interested in ICT-enabled agriculture, the government will continue to install more smart farm facilities that can be leased for up to 30 years. And for young farmers purchasing land and other agricultural facilities, the interest rate will drop from 2% to 1.5%, while the loan repayment period will be extended from 15 years to 25 years.


Preparatory urban experiences for women by women

Have you ever visited a place and wished that you had a local friend who could show you around and even show you the ropes? There’s a program for that! Sigol Unnie Project (시골언니 프로젝트) is a series of week-long retreats that invites women to experience work and life under the guidance and mentorship of a local sigol unnie, or countryside sister. Weaving different areas of interest and expertise, like running a self-sustainable farm and meeting with local content creators to learn how to publish a rural magazine, this program allows women to get a taste of rural life without the commitment or paperwork required by government programs. Sigol Unnie Project is hosted across eight different rural regions and organized by Uma Uma, an online platform and publication that promotes country living and experiences.


TYM’s support for young farmers through technology and CSR

Smart farming can help overcome the difficulties faced by rural Korea such as population decline and climate change. Young farmers can help transform a challenging and labor-intensive trade to a rewarding and sustainable career. Paired together, they have the potential to restore and advance an important industry with a waning workforce. As both public and private sectors aim to make farming a more accessible and attractive future for young people, TYM’s own initiatives continue to support young farmers and their dreams. TYM’s annual tractor donation program, aptly called Young Farmer’s Dream, has also been expanded to gift a TYM tractor to 16 young farmers across the nation. To read the stories behind Young Farmer’s Dream, see how one former recipient of a donated tractor came full circle to contribute to a charitable cause. To find out more about TYM’s social engagement activities, visit our Sustainability page.

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