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Story Tractor March 24, 2023

TYM tractors at a glance: Introducing the full TYM tractor lineup

In January 2023, TYM and Branson tractors fully integrated their products under one TYM brand. As the two tractor brands have now merged, here’s your first look at the full TYM lineup. In the first installment of our ongoing series on TYM’s tractor lineup, we’ll explore our entire product catalog while giving you the summary on each series.

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Where to see the entire lineup of TYM tractors

With the official merger of TYM and Branson tractors, our entire product lineup spanning all tractors and attachments has now been consolidated within the official TYM website. The easiest way to get a comprehensive view of all tractors is to select “Tractors” from the website's top menu, then click the option to view all tractors.

Alternatively, you can visit TYM World Online for an immersive look at all tractors. Once you’re in TYM World Online, look for the red “All Tractors” button at the top right-hand corner of the page to see the full lineup. If you’d like to see TYM tractors in person, locate your local TYM dealer on our website. You can also find TYM distributors worldwide or attend one of the many international trade shows that TYM participates in annually.


Get to know the TYM tractor lineup by series

From versatile sub-compact tractors to heavy-duty utility tractors, there is a TYM tractor for everyone and every need. One of the easiest ways to get to know our tractors is by their series category, which distinguishes our products by tractor type and horsepower.

Note: The TYM website has three versions: Korea, North America, and International. The TYM tractor lineup varies by region, so be sure to set your respective region while browsing the website.

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Series 1 Sub-compact

For routine tasks and small jobs, look no further than the TYM Series 1 tractors. Ideal for lawn work, these sub-compact tractors deliver the power you want with the standard features you need. These tractors are perfect for homesteaders, landscapers, and serious gardeners.

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Series 2 Compact

Compact but higher HP and lifting capabilities than sub-compact tractors means that you can take on more demanding work with the Series 2 compact tractors—all while maintaining the smallest frame possible. Tackle both the routine tasks and the tough jobs while using a variety of attachments. These TYM tractors are optimized for smaller spaces and perfect for greenhouses and warehouses that require tight maneuverability.

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Series 3 Compact

The Series 3 tractors are powerful yet economical. These higher-output compact tractors are fitting for demanding tasks in small spaces as well out on the field. The TYM Series 3 tractors are upgraded for power, lift, and maneuverability, making them the perfect tractor for challenging work in barns or wooded areas.

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Series 4 Compact Utility

Want the best of both worlds? Meet the versatile Series 4 compact utility tractors combining maneuverability and power. Enjoy the efficient engines, maximized lift capabilities, and larger fuel tanks that make these tractors ideal for commercial-scale challenges. The TYM Series 4 tractors are available in South Korea and North America through TYM dealers.

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Series 5 Utility

The Series 5 utility tractors boast impressive power output and high hitch-lift capacities for a range of intensive applications. These tractors are also capable of higher speeds, covering more ground for those bigger jobs that require productivity. The TYM Series 5 tractors are currently available in North America and South Korea.

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Series 6 Utility

The TYM T130, the flagship Series 6 tractor, is our most powerful and advanced tractor yet. This telematics-equipped utility tractor has the highest HP and top of the line features for discerning operators looking for the ultimate performance and comfort. Designed for larger-scale operations, the Series 6 TYM T130 tractor is currently available in South Korea, and we’re working to bring our flagship model to other regions as well.

Now that you have the lowdown on the TYM tractor lineup, check out the models available in your region on the TYM Website. Want to get to know each tractor model by your needs? Visit TYM World Online to browse our tractors by application. To receive the latest news and updates from TYM, be sure to visit our website or subscribe to our newsletter.

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