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Comparison Transplanter February 21, 2021

Transplanters that meet your target specifications and price

From standard transplanters that come at an economy price to advanced models with GPS-assisted straight line operation, the range of TYM transplanters offers customers the specifications and price point they need for their farmland.

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In this article, we explore the PRO600, the standard economy transplanter, and the more advanced NP series. Lee Ang-gi, the Head of Sales Strategy at TYM, has shared his take on the range of transplanters.

"TYM developed The NP series, which come in 6 row or 8 row configurations and GPS-assisted straight-line operations. At the same time, the PRO600 is a standard 6-row transplanter that comes at an economy price. By presenting all these models, the customer has a wider pool to choose from," Lee Ang-gi noted in a recent news story.

"Since we introduced the first model in 2016, the NP series has become popular and consistently loved by our customers, even in the saturated transplanter market." Lee Ang-gi further said that in 2019, the sliding seedling mount and fertilizer supply were included as standard specifications to increase customer satisfaction.

Now, let's go a bit deeper into the NP series and PRO600. 

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The NP series

TYM directly imports and sells models in this series from Iseki. The series includes NP63GL (6-row gasoline), NP63DL (6-row diesel), and NP83DL (8-row diesel). The diesel transplanters can work at a speed of 1.86 meter per second, while the gasoline transplanter operates at 1.8 meter per second. All models in the series are equipped with a elevation control valve that automatically maintains the correct transplanting position on uneven terrain and different ground conditions.     

The NP series can also plant seeds or seedlings that have a difference of up to 37-weeks between them, which significantly reducing cost and labor when switching between seedling types. The optional side control fertilizer can be quickly replenished with an integrated hopper that uses hot air transferred to minimize moisture and prevents the fertilizer from clogging.

In terms of ease of maintenance, the step controls and the bonnet can be easily opened and closed during inspection. The monitor or instrument panel also lights up in the event of a failure with the help of an advanced sensor, which allows anyone to easily determine the cause of failure and quickly repair it.

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The PRO600 is a 6-row transplanter with a 20 horsepower gasoline engine. With the option to operate the transplanter with a single lever for a stepless speed change (HST), while upward and downward planting can be manipulated without needing to step on the brake.

In addition, a durable stainless steel separating needle minimizes damage to the roots of crops during planting, keeping the seedling transplanting stable. The one-touch lever operation and centralized monitor promote ergonomic operation. Compared to the more expensive import NP series, the PR0600 is suitable for smaller farms that are looking to increase household income with an economy investment.

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