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Story Tractor November 23, 2022

Moving and storing your harvest with TYM tractors

It’s that time of the year again! Temperatures have dipped across the country. Long, leafy stalks have turned to stubbles on the field. Farmers have laid their crops along the side of the road to dry. It’s time to prepare this year’s harvest for storage. As you gear up for the winter months ahead, TYM tractors are here to help you properly harvest, move, and stow away the fruits of your labor. From gathering your crops to optimizing their storage, here’s our guide to moving and keeping your harvest.

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Harvesting your crops and moving them to storage

Harvesting an acreage can be a daunting task without machinery to maximize your productivity. With our full-feed or head-feed combine harvesters, you can reap a variety of crops such as rice, soybeans, and wheat while minimizing grain loss and securing higher yields. Cleaning up the field after the harvest? Collect straw with a rake attachment and easily lift and move bales with a rear bale grab or front grapple attachment on your tractor. TYM tractors, like in this hay baling video, bring the best of both compact and utility ranges so you can have the maneuverability to navigate and the power to execute all types of work on the field.


TYM tractors give you the extra boost of productivity needed to move your harvest to its destination.

Material handling is a breeze with a TYM tractor like the K110E, our bestselling compact utility tractor that’s engineered to maximize payload and minimize cycle times, all from the comfort of an ergonomic and intuitive operator station. Delivering the harvest to livestock? Our lineup of highly maneuverable compact tractors can pass through your barn or stable with ease while a grapple attachment can lift feed out of storage and dump it for feeding.

When it comes to transporting, hauling, and storing your harvest, it’s important to have a powerful tractor that can help you move your harvest efficiently and safely in fewer loads. For heavy lifting, look no further than our range of front-end loaders for impressive lift height and capacity. Built with a closer center of gravity, our front-end loaders enable you to handle materials more efficiently and securely, while a bucket level indicator makes it easy to shift the bucket to a horizontal position at any point of work.


Proper storage for the long-term keeping of your harvest

Whether they will be served at the table or in the stable, it’s important to keep the fruits of your labor in a cool, dry container that keeps out moisture, pest, and other contaminants. Most crops also need to be stored in a well-ventilated place that will prevent mold and rot. Grains store well in airtight bags and containers in a cool, dry area with good ventilation. To deter grain pests, keep storage conditions under 20 degrees with a humidity level of 10 to 12%. Maximizing shelf life is important for the long-term storage of big harvests, so consider the needs of each crop, the natural climate, as well as the storage solution when preparing crop storage. With that said, the optimal storage conditions for most crops include avoiding heat or light and having sufficient airflow.


Configure the perfect TYM tractor for all your harvesting needs

TYM tractors play an important role in end-to-end farm management, from tillage to harvest and beyond. To find out more about how our tractors and their implements can be useful in various stages of each application, visit TYM World. This interactive feature on our website provides recommended tractor models for your needs, along with the optional attachments to optimize each machine to help you with your toughest, most demanding jobs.

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