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Story Tractor November 09, 2021

A helpful guide to a tractor’s world of attachments

By attaching the proper attachment, tractors can help you accomplish a broad range of tasks. From managing your land, supporting your construction project, to clearing snow, there is no end to a tractor’s versatility. And a tractor with the proper attachment is a powerful tool that can increase your land productivity and reduce the cost of your production by saving on manual labor, time, and resources.

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Arable Farming

Soil Preparation - Rotary Tillers

A rotary tiller helps break up soil clouds to loosen up the soil in preparation for planting and allow the maximum amount of nutrients to reach your plant.

Cultivation/Tillage - Cultivator

A cultivator helps farmers and landowners cut back time cultivating plant beds. This attachment enables tractor operators to drive over plant beds, skimming right over plants and tilling the soil on each side.

Plowing - Plow

Plows are tractor attachments that help break up the hard ground and roll grass down to serve as fertilizer for future crops or plants.

Irrigation - Backhoe

A big part of preparing irrigation for your land is digging trenches. Fitting a backhoe to your tractor helps speed up things by having an excavator dig up the soil without using various equipment to complete one task.

Harvest - Harvester

Harvesters are tractor attachments designed and built to speed up and add precision to harvesting plants and crops such as grain, corn, and nuts.

Hauling - Utility Trailer

Utility trailers and wagons are necessary tractor attachments in maintaining and managing farms. From hay bales to other harvested goods, utility trailers can transport agricultural materials from one area to another.

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Washing - Boom sprayer

Sprayers can be mounted on a boom or can come as boomless, and are used to spray ditches, fence lines, and rough terrains. Boomless sprayers are easier to move around and offer a more compact design than a boom sprayer. On the other hand, a boom sprayer is closer to the ground, which provides less wind resistance and chemical drift.

Leveling - Box blade

A box blade is an attachment fitted with scarifying teeth that helps break up hardened soil and level out uneven ground as you maneuver your tractor.

Dumping - Dirt scoop

A dirt scoop allows tractor operators to scoop up material from the ground and use the dump handle to spread scooped up load across your field, farm, or construction site.

Clearing - Front-end loader

A front-end loader is a versatile tractor attachment that could do various tasks, including hauling felled trees, overgrown bush, or clumps of dirt and debris. 

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Digging - Backhoe

For any excavating or digging tasks, you can always rely on a backhoe attachment for your tractor to complete the job.

Foundation building - Box blade

A crucial part of building foundations for any construction project is leveling the land. A box blade attachment on your tractor can help level out any bump, hole, or clumps of soil to prepare for construction.

Leveling - Landplane

A box blade wouldn't be enough if you need to smooth out a gravel or dirt road, but a landplane can finish the job perfectly. A landplane lifts dirt and gravel from its blades, feeding back out, leaving a leveled path or driveway.

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Material handling

Agricultural operations - Spreader

Seeding medium to large areas of land, a spreader can help optimize the process. A spreader can be fitted onto your tractor and disperse seeds in large volumes and reach a wide range of land.

Warehousing - Pallet forks

Pallet forks are the ideal tractor attachment for stacking pallets, hay bales, and other materials. These attachments can carry heavy loads and lift them for easy stacking.

Livestock care - Front-end loader

Livestock farms depend on front-end loaders to haul animal feed and move or scoop soil, gravel, manure, and other materials.

Civil works - Grading scrapers

A grading scraper breaks up hard ground, just like a box blade, except it carries far less horsepower as it allows the soil to go over its blades instead of pulling material along with the blades.

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Livestock and poultry

Transport - Transport tray

A transport tray is an ideal tractor attachment for managing the logistics of running a farm. This attachment can be used for stock transport or multipurpose carrier.

Feeding - Feed plow

Feed plows are incredibly useful in managing significantly sized livestock farms by saving time and manual labor. These attachments can be used to push animal feeds closer to livestock as the tractor drives through.

Hay baling - Hay baler 

Hay balers allow you to roll the hay you mowed inside a built-in chamber until it reaches a certain diameter, finishing it off by wrapping it with twine or a net.

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Snow clearing

Salting - Broadcast spreader

A broadcast spreader can be attached on the rear side of the tractor to disperse salt or sand to help manage snow on driveways and other parcels of land. This type of attachment is usually made of poly or stainless components to avoid corrosion when using fertilizer or salts.

Snow blowing - Snowblower

Snowblower attachments can easily clear snow as you drive. These attachments also come with skid shoes that can be lowered to scrape the pavement clean.

Snow pushing - Snow pusher

Aside from simply pushing snow, a snow pusher can stack snow in high piles into a containment box, collecting snow it has accumulated as it drove, leaving only a clear land free of snow.

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Land clearing and forestry

Sawing - Tractor saw

A tractor saw can safely remove trees up to a specific diameter depending on the make and functionality. For safety, tractor saws are built with pushing bars that direct where a tree falls away from the cab.

Clearing - Tractor root grapple

A root grapple can be used to transport broken tree limbs or felled trunks. The highly recommended ones are built lightweight but strong to maintain loader lift capacity.

Skidding - Log skidder

A log skidder is an attachment that lifts logs off the ground and secures it close to the tractor, keeping the material cleaner for more efficient milling, reducing damage to the forest floor, and increasing maneuverability through winding forest roads.

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Mowing - Mower

When it comes to cutting grass and maintaining large land areas, a tractor mower can help speed up the tasks and offer more precise grass cutting, making it a popular choice for landowners.

Raking - Rake

Tractor rakes are designed to dig through dirt and pull roots, thatch, and rocks while keeping the topsoil in place. The evenly-spaced out tines of a tractor rake holds all pulled debris until they are ready to be transported and disposed of.

Digging - Backhoe

Backhoes are perfect for digging up trees with the root ball intact, moving boulders, and pushing topsoil into place. For its power and versatility, this tractor attachment has become indispensable for landscaping.

Graveling and compacting - Landplane

A landplane is an ideal tool for leveling dirt, trail, and gravel, and sod removal, leaving a smooth finish once done.

While this list gives a comprehensive rundown on popular attachments used for specific applications, there are many other tractor attachments available for unique uses and others being developed to make any application easier and simpler. Finding the proper tractor attachment for your need helps save time and manual labor, making your farm, landscaping, or construction life easier.

To learn which TYM attachments can fit your tractor and help you accomplish tasks more efficiently, please browse through our list of attachments.

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